5 Things To Do At The Dubai Dolphinarium

Discover the top 5 must-try experiences at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Dive into a world of aquatic wonder and entertainment!

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5 Things To Do At The Dubai Dolphinarium

Situated in the scenic Creekside Park of Bur Dubai, the Dubai Dolphinarium is a prominent attraction in this vibrant tourism landscape. With a staggering monthly footfall of over 30,000 visitors, it has earned a reputation as a must-visit destination. This fully air-conditioned facility was established with the dual purpose of entertaining tourists and educating them about the fascinating world of dolphins, seals, and other marine life.

Spanning an expansive 5,000 square meters, the Dolphinarium serves as a sanctuary for six renowned bottlenose dolphins. It is also home to a thriving community of fur seals and boasts a captivating collection of over 20 species of exotic parrots. The facility offers a comfortable and inviting environment, making it an ideal family outing for tourists and locals alike.

When compiling your list of top things to do in Dubai during your visit, an excursion to the Dolphinarium should unquestionably be on it. It's an opportunity to witness the graceful performances of dolphins and seals while gaining insights into the fascinating world of these marine creatures. The Dolphinarium offers a blend of entertainment and education that will leave you with lasting memories of your time in Dubai.

Know the Top Things to Do at The Dubai Dolphinarium

1. Watch the Spectacular Dolphin and Seal Show

The heart and soul of the Dubai Dolphinarium are the stunning performances by dolphins and seals. The Dolphin Show Dubai is the highlight of any visit to this attraction. The show is not just about entertainment; it's also an educational experience that allows visitors to learn more about these incredible marine mammals.

During the show, you'll witness the agility, intelligence, and charm of the resident bottlenose dolphins as they perform a series of remarkable tricks and stunts. These dolphins are known for their acrobatics, and their synchronized swimming is really a view to behold. The seals, with their playful antics and endearing personalities, will also win your heart.

The show is not only entertaining but also informative, as the trainers share interesting facts about these animals, their habitats, and the importance of marine conservation. It's a great opportunity for both adults and children to appreciate the beauty of nature and the need to protect it.

2. Swim with Dolphins

If you've ever desired to swim with dolphins, the Dubai Dolphinarium can turn that dream into a truth. They offer a unique and unforgettable experience known as the "Swim with Dolphins" program. This is your chance to get up close and personal with these intelligent creatures in a safe and controlled environment.

Under the guidance of experienced trainers, you can interact with the dolphins, play with them, and even receive a gentle dolphin kiss. It's an adventure that leaves an everlasting appearance and creates cherished memories. Please note that booking in advance is usually needed for this activity, as it's incredibly popular.

3. Bird Show Extravaganza

The Dubai Dolphinarium is not just about marine life; it's also home to a diverse and colorful collection of exotic parrots and other birds. The Bird Show Extravaganza is a delightful performance that showcases the talents of these feathered friends. The show is a fantastic fusion of entertainment, education, and humor.

During the show, you'll witness the parrots' remarkable abilities, including solving puzzles, singing tunes, and even painting! Yes, you read that right, these talented birds create artwork with their beaks. The show is a hit with families and bird enthusiasts, and it offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

4. Encounter the Exotic Creatures at the Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Besides the Bird Show Extravaganza, the Dubai Dolphinarium has another treat for bird lovers. The Creek Park Exotic Bird Show is a chance to encounter a wide variety of exotic and beautiful birds up close. The show features macaws, cockatoos, and other stunning avian species.

You'll have the opportunity to interact with these birds, and the experienced trainers will provide you with insights into their behaviors, habitats, and conservation efforts. The colorful plumage and incredible capabilities of these birds will leave you in wonder.

6. Celebrate Special Occasions

The Dubai Dolphinarium offers a unique and memorable setting for celebrating special occasions. Whether you're arranging a birthday party, a commercial event, or a family gathering, this facility can make your event truly exceptional.

You can enjoy a private dolphin and seal show exclusively for your group, and the Dolphinarium can also arrange personalized interactions with the animals, including opportunities for feeding and petting the dolphins and seals. It's a fantastic way to create lasting rememberings and make any affair indelible.

In addition to the above activities, the Dubai Dolphinarium also conducts academic schedules and workshops, making it an excellent destination for school travels and academic outings. These programs help raise awareness about marine conservation and the importance of safeguarding our oceans and the beasts that name them home.

So, whether you're a tourist looking for a unique experience in Dubai or a resident seeking an exciting family outing, the Dubai Dolphinarium offers a wide range of activities that are both entertaining and educational. Don't miss the chance to witness the incredible talents of dolphins, seals, and exotic birds while gaining a deeper understanding of marine life and the need for its conservation.

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