What is The Difference Between Dhow Cruise Marina & Creek?

Uncover the distinctions between Dhow Cruise Marina and Creek in Dubai. From panoramic views to unique atmospheres, explore the differences and choose the perfect maritime experience for your Dubai adventure.

Dec 21, 2023 - 11:27
Dec 21, 2023 - 11:27
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What is The Difference Between Dhow Cruise Marina & Creek?

Dubai is a city of amazing things, here you see the largest buildings, man-made gardens, and many other things. If you search about Dubai's famous things then you must know about the Dhow Cruise. You enjoy the Dhow Cruise on Dubai Marina as well as on Dubai Creek. So you are excited about a Cruise dinner in Dubai, but confused about which to select? Before you choose a cruise or reserve a dhow cruise dinner or sunset cruise, it is vital to comprehend about the dhow cruise marina and dhow creek. In this blog, we deliver complete information about these two cruise in Dubai. 

What is a Dhow Cruise? 

A dhow cruise started as a traditional dhow in Dubai but it has been converted into a restaurant. The Arabic dhow ships were utilized for transport in the ancient days. Although the wooden dhow vessels, which have an upper deck and lower deck, resemble elegant fine-dining establishments, these venues retain an old-world charm, reflecting the cultural heritage of the Bedouin traditions of the past. While choosing between Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina, you get to relish a tasty dinner with both Arabic and International Cuisine. On these dhow cruise Dubai, you enjoy your favorite music and amazing folk dance. A dhow cruise offers not just relaxation but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in and experience the rich Arabic culture and hospitality.

Dubai Marina v/s Dubai Creek

Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, are two main areas of Dubai, and the Dhow cruise is easily available in these areas. The Dubai Creek presents the old Dubai, a place where the Arabs populated when they came from village to city. The Dubai Creek is separated into two areas Bur Dubai (old Dubai) and Deira (new Dubai). On the other side, Dubai Marina is the new edition of New Dubai. This artificial canal city boasts towering skyscrapers and showcases exemplary modern architecture on both of its flanking sides. It is the best place, where you get the most elegant hotels, amazing cafes and restaurants as well as stunning boutiques. 

What to Choose- Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina? 

If it's your inaugural visit to Dubai, choosing between the two might be a bit perplexing. But this decision depends on your preferences, tastes, and budget. Here, we've outlined some distinctions between the dhow cruises in these two locations to simplify your decision-making process.

  • Sights and Sceneries- After food and enjoyment, one of the prime things that create a dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, is lovely that you get to visit the stunning sights of Dubai. Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina both deliver an amazing sightseeing chance, there is a clear difference between the places. 

Dubai Creek has a few numbers of sights compared to Dubai Marina. On the Bur Dubai side of Dubai Creek, a promenade spans across a significant portion, offering limited points of interest. When the dhow walk ends, you will see many historical parts of Dubai like the Bastakiya Quarter. You get a chance to enjoy ancient architecture or souks, palaces, and heritage villages. On the other side, the Deira side of the city, you would see luxury buildings including with Dubai Chamber of Commerce, National Bank of Dubai, Sheraton, etc. While lacking an exceptional style or architecture, these buildings are iconic in their regard.

  • Cost-  One of the prime deciding things when it comes to Dhow Cruise Marina v/s Dhow Cruise Creek is the cost. The cost of the dhow cruise in Dubai Marina is significantly higher compared to that of Dubai Creek. You can choose Dubai Creek dhow cruise dinner at a cost of around AED 65, while the price of a dhow cruise dinner at Dubai Marina is double. Many people choose Dubai Marina and many select Dubai Creek. But Dubai Marina delivers high-class services so people mostly select this. From the cuisine to customer service, everything surpasses the standards of the dhow cruise on Dubai Creek.

  • Mood and Setting- To visiting any place, the atmosphere plays a vital role in making a decision. Dubai Creek was established in the bust area. The traffic, daily business way, and shuffle exiting to ports make the atmosphere of the place. On the other side, Dubai Marina concentrates more on luxury and entertainment. At Dubai Marina, you see many people having a joyful walk along the seafront and enjoying a meal at one of the restaurants. Dubai Marina exudes a more vibrant atmosphere.

This is all important information about Dhow Cruise Marina and Dhow Cruise Creek, so your choices are according to your interests. If you love to see the ancient architecture of Dubai then choose Dubai Creek or if you want to see luxury and modern buildings then select Dubai Marina.