A major Discord outage is gradually being resolved

Discord says that "more than half of Discord users" have been able to log in following an API outage.

A major Discord outage is gradually being resolved

A "widespread API outage" that has blocked Discord users from logging into the chat platform for hours is gradually being resolved. According to Discord, "more than half" of its users have been able to connect and go back to sharing memes and annoying each other by talking too much during tense FPS skirmishes. (Or whatever it is they use Discord for.)

Discord first reported the outage Wednesday morning at 11:49 am Pacific. At around noon, it said it had identified two issues, one with the API , and another with one of its "database clusters." At that point, Discord limited the rate at which users could log in.

At 12:30 pm Pacific, Discord said that its systems were healthy again, but by 1 pm it had still not restored access for all users. It now expects everyone to be back online by 2 pm Pacific.

You can follow Discord's server status updates here. We'll update this article as the story develops.

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