Explaining Customs Clearance in 4 Easy Steps

Learn the essential steps of customs clearance in a straightforward manner. From gathering necessary documents to filing customs declarations and paying duties, our comprehensive guide simplifies the process.

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Explaining Customs Clearance in 4 Easy Steps

Customs clearance in Dubai is quite a task when you have to import and export goods. The whole process involves so many steps, that it biomes quite difficult for an individual to do on his own. So, hiring a competent custom clearance agent in Dubai becomes a mandate due to the complexity of the nature of the process.

What is customs clearance? 

Customs clearance is a process of transferring goods through customs, such that they can reach their destination after completing all the necessary paperwork and paying off all the tariffs. The custom duty requires a number of documents including 

  • invoices
  • Slips of packaging
  • Labels of shipping  

The main aim of the countries behind imposing import duties is to generate wealth and protect the economy. It is always beneficial to hire a professional international relocation moving company in Dubai

But what actually happens when the goods enter the customs? This is a topic of great wonder as to what happens when the shipment arrives in customs. Well, we have compiled the entire process of customs clearance in 4 easy steps. 


Here know the custom clearance process: 


The custom clearance process is complex and requires some paperwork. All it needs is some documents and it is good to roll. There are many customs clearance companies and agents that help with it. 

1.      Examination of paperwork by the customs clearance officer 


When the goods land through air cargo in the UAE, the customs clearance officer sees if the paperwork provided is accurate and up to the mark. Choosing the right kind of air freight companies in Dubai should be considered as they help in easing the process. The two most important documents that are considered are the shipping label and the invoice. The invoice is the most important document because it contains the following information:

  • Details of the Shipper
  • Recipient Details
  • Date of Export 
  • Airway Bill Number


Apart from that there is a full list of the documents that are checked at the customs office.

2.            Assessment of import duties and taxes 

The next major step involves collecting the import duty and the fees at the customs, in accordance with the documents. Its because different import duty is charged as per the types of goods, their value, their quantity, and import regulations. and the customs paper includes the relevant info on the place of shipment. The import duties are charged on goods that exceed the de minus value which is the minimum value taxable. 


For example, if the de minus value of a particular good is 100 AED, and the goods sent values at that amount or less will not be liable to charge taxes and fees.  

3.            Payment of taxes and duties


If the shipment exceeds the minimum taxable value, then it is eligible to be levied with the taxes and duties. The customs officer checks if the payments have been made. There are various other goods that require the payment of taxes and duties regardless of their value. They are such goods that are compulsory to be charged taxes from. 


Now, in this case, working with an international relocation moving company in Dubai is important. These kinds of companies have brokers who will clear all your custom charges on your behalf. This comes under the (DDP) Delivery Duty Paid. here, the price which has been paid for shipping is inclusive of the import fee and is reflected on the label. 


In the case of Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU), the import duties and taxes are not paid the customs officer forwards the shipment to some independent broker who collects the duties from the people. 


Hiring a custom clearance agent in Dubai makes our work easier and more managed. Though they charge some amount of fee as a brokerage. The fee includes the fee for storing and imparting services.  


Since there are so many overhead costs, it becomes difficult for the officers to collect and convey them to the recipient. Therefore, paying the fee in advance is always recommended.  

4.            Clearance of customs 


The customs duties would be cleared by your shipment once all the duties are paid along with the verification of the relevant documents. Once all the clearance is complete, the courier service chosen by you transports the shipment o the recipient from customs. In case, the paperwork is found faulty, the shipment gets stuck at customs. So, to avoid that, getting services from a customs clearance agent in Dubai becomes beneficial since they help with that.


We all know, shipping across the world can be a daunting experience. Taking help from the agents and the companies can really help you to get away with all the complex paperwork. The above-mentioned information has explained everything related to the process of clearance at customs, which is followed in the UAE.

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