The Ultimate Guide to AI Image Upscaler Tools in 2024

The recent AI boom has ushered in significant advancements in image manipulation, allowing users to upscale images to 4K or 8K resolution with AI. Various AI image upscale tools offer features such as restoring details, eliminating blurriness, and fixing pixelation. This guide explores the top AI image upscale tools, both free and paid, available in 2024.

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The Ultimate Guide to AI Image Upscaler Tools in 2024

In the wake of the recent AI boom, the digital landscape has witnessed remarkable improvements in image processing. AI image upscale tools now empower users to enhance image quality, upscale resolutions, and unlock creative possibilities. This comprehensive guide delves into the best AI image upscale tools of 2024, encompassing both free and paid options. Discover the diverse array of tools that cater to different user preferences and privacy concerns, from locally-operated apps to online services.

1. Image Scaler by Stability AI

Stability AI, known as Midjourney, presents a powerful AI image upscale tool. The user-friendly interface and effective upscaling make it a standout choice. The tool is free for 2x upscaling, with a subscription-based plan for higher resolutions. Stability AI's paid plan offers access to the advanced Stable Diffusion XL model, providing additional AI image generation capabilities.

  • Platform: Web

  • Price: Free, Paid plan starts at $10 for 1000 credits

2. SuperImage

SuperImage is a local app for upscaling images without an internet connection. This privacy-focused app, available on Windows and Android, utilizes a neural network and Real-ESRGAN algorithm for up to 16x upscaling. While the base app is free, SuperImage Pro offers custom upscaling models for users seeking additional features.

  • Platforms: Windows, Android

  • Price: Free (with ads)

3. Upscayl

Upscayl, an open-source program compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, stands out with its batch upscaling capability. Offering five different modes, it utilizes GPU processing to sharpen blurry images effectively. The tool supports various image formats and maintains a straightforward UI for convenience.

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

  • Price: Free

4. Remini

Designed for Android and iPhone users, Remini is a versatile app offering AI-based image upscaling and restoration. While not entirely free, Remini delivers exceptional results for human faces and selfies. Users can explore additional features, including 90s yearbook photo creation, professional resume shots, and AI image generation.

  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

  • Price: Free, paid plan starts at $6.99 per week

5. Upscale. media

Upscale. media simplifies the AI image upscaling process with its web-based interface. Users can effortlessly upload and download upscaled images without the need for sign-ups or subscriptions. The tool allows free upscaling up to 4x resolution, surpassing the limitations of many other free services.

  • Platform: Web, Android, iOS

  • Price: Free, Paid plan costs $29 for 300 credits

6. Gigapixel AI

Topaz Labs' Gigapixel AI emerges as a potent AI image upscale catering to photographers and video creators. With the ability to upscale videos, it finds application in various industries, including Netflix, Warner Bros, and Disney. Gigapixel AI employs deep learning to provide customized enhancements, making it a top choice for natural-looking results.

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS

  • Price: Free trial, after which it costs $99.99

7. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance stands out as a user-friendly web-based AI upscale, offering simplicity and ease of use. Users can sign up for an account to access image upscaling, lighting adjustments, tone enhancement, and background removal powered by AI. The free tier includes 2x upscaling, while paid plans provide additional credits and advanced features.

  • Platform: Web

  • Price: Free up to 10 credits, Paid plans start at $9 for 100 credits

8. Img Upscaler

Img Upscaler concludes the list as a versatile tool supporting up to 4x resolution for free. Users can upload PNG and JPG photos for quick upscaling, with additional features available to paid users. While maintaining affordability, Img Upscaler ensures that user-uploaded photos are removed from the cloud within 24 hours, emphasizing privacy.

  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Price: Free up to 20 credits, Paid plans start at $19 per year