Write For Us

Sometimes the nicest things come in the simplest forms and here at PenPaperPins, we value the core values the most. Simple, data-driven and short articles are often eye-catching, easier to comprehend and hold the reader’s attention. In this age of catchphrases and thumbnails, long and meaningless posts often don’t get as much traction as possible.

Why be a writer with us?

            At PenPaperPins, writers have full creative freedom regarding the topics they choose, the data provided, and the days they work. From the latest trends to movie reviews, from book reviews to personality quizzes, you name it and we surely cover it all. This wide range of topics to choose from combined with the flexibility of schedule makes us a perfect fit for writers with different goals. We are willing to work with anyone, whether they be someone willing to work part-time or someone willing to work full-time.

Qualities we are looking for

  • Plagiarism is a big red flag. As a writer, you need to have the ethics to not copy someone else’s work. It is extremely disrespectful and also not exactly legal.
  • Make sure the topics are as original as possible. Do your research from a reliable source and don’t forget to cite the references and facts.
  • Keep your vocabulary as simple and basic as possible. Most people who read these blogs are easily put off by the use of big and unconventional words.
  • The pictures on the blogs should not have any watermarks, affiliate links, or any sort of additional text on them as there can always be a chance of it being a copyright infringement.
  • The blog posts usually should usually be short and data-driven as most online readers are looking for some information and if the blogs are too long with not enough data, they don’t reach a larger public
  • The topics should be the current talk of the town, travelogue, art, sports, latest trends, and overall interesting and sought after.
  • The writing pattern tells a lot about someone and it should be causal but helpful, short but full of important data, and not so monotonous.

Dos and Don’ts at PPP

 Like any organization, we here at PPP also need to follow some strict rules for smooth functioning.


1.       Dos

  1. Short blog posts need to be within
  2. Long blog posts need to be within
  3. The first draft needs to be submitted for approval, following which the final draft will be proofread and published
  4. Absence and unavailability need to be informed beforehand.


2.       Donts

  1.  Gambling or other CBD content is strictly prohibited
  2.  Less than 80% originality in the content will not be published
  3.  Affiliate links on images or within the posts aren’t acceptable
  4.  Promotional links, banners, or texts will not be published.
  5. Images with texts containing external links will not be published.