Twitteratis Mocks Up The Fau-G Posters, Broaches The Instances It Is Taken From !

Akshay Kumar announced the launching of a gaming app named FAU-G , after PUBG Mobile got banned in India with 118 other chinese apps. This was called an initiative towards Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. But Twitteratis not seemed to be happy with this as they slammed and accused the actor for extreme plagiarism, as the posters and banner of the game was more likely to be copied from Shutterstock.

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Twitteratis Mocks Up The Fau-G Posters, Broaches The Instances It Is Taken From !

Since PUBG got banned in India, entertainer Akshay Kumar made a revelation about launching a multi-player shooting game soon, named FAU-G. Calling it an Atmanirbhar movement, this possibly will be the next move in contrast to the Chinese gaming partner. 

FAU-G short for Fearless and United-Guards, supposed to be an immediate replacement for the infamous Chinese multi-player battle game Players Unknown Battleground mobile aka PUBG Mobile that had huge followers and players in India. The game is designed by an interactive entertainment mobile game company based in Bangalore named nCORE Games

Initially, this news gained appreciation until the banner of the game became the subject of mockery by the individuals upon twitter, as it is spotted on many occasions on social media. The Poster is said to be a look-alike artwork of the band Collision Of Innocence in song Today We Rise.

It is said to be used by Fanatical Futurists in news coverage back in January 2020. As per the sources, the image used in the banner is like enough to be taken from Shutterstock, which is credited under a photographer named Phet Thai.

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Meanwhile, just sit back and wait for the game to be launched. Let' see whether this game will able to gain its fan following as PUBG Mobile in India, or will it be just be a like any other activity game?

What's your take about this new game. Do let us know in the comment section below! 








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