Toronto Film Festival Intrigues In-Person,Digital Edition

The 45th Toronto Film Festival will be held in-person this year due to the ongoing pandemic and looking at the current scenario of Canada. The festival will take place in the month of September from 9-18.

Jun 25, 2021 - 13:58
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Toronto Film Festival Intrigues In-Person,Digital Edition
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The Toronto International Film Festival is designing an all-inclusive in-person festival in the month of September, a year after turning to virtual red carpets and outdoor screenings because of the pandemic. 

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The organizers of the festival has made an official announcement that the 45th edition of TIFF will be scheduled on September 9-18 and return to in-person screenings in many of its usual downtown Toronto venues, like the TIFF Bell light box, Roy Thomson Hall, and the Princess Of Wales Theatre.

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Organizers of the TIFF event admits that those plans are optimistic, reliant and dependent on improving the health conditions. Canada's reopening has gone slugged in the United States and Europe. Indoor dining in Ontario is still not permitted. Last week, Canada made an official statement that non-essential travel from the U.S. would remain strictly Illicit until at least 21st of July. But, after a slow start, vaccinations have sped up in Canada.

Keeping all the elements in mind, TIFF plans to move forward with an amalgam model, including a powerful digital platform that will be available across India.

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“While the world is definitely moving towards a degree of normalcy, many of our industry and press colleagues may not be able to travel across international borders. In response, we have brought back the TIFF Digital Cinema Pro platform,” said Joana Vicente, co-head of the festival. “We believe that digital access is an important part of providing accessibility to audiences and will be vital to the future of film festivals. This inclusivity across all our offerings helps to ensure that, no matter where you are located, you can participate in the festival.”

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The festival will declare it's main lineup late in the upcoming month but it has offered a sampling of some films to play at TIFF this year.

Those include Kenneth Branagh’s “Belfast,” Tahir Rana’s “Dionne Warwick; Don’t Make Me Over,” and Alison Klayman’s Alanis Morissette documentary “Jagged.”

The TIFF festival will also host an Imax screening of Denis Villeneuve's "Dune" to follow its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.








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