So called Women's Day!

Why do we celebrate it ? Why do we need it ? Is it worth it ?

Mar 8, 2023 - 14:31
Mar 8, 2023 - 14:35
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So called Women's Day!

On the happiest occasion of this Women's Day I somehow stumbled upon an article by President Draupadi Murmu. She was making refrence on the emancipation and rights of women by sighting her childhood and life as an example.

"Sometimes I felt that as individuals, a majority of us recognise men and women as equal. However, at a collective level, the same people impose limits on half of us." said the president.


But, in the era of emerging feminism, gender equality and neutrality we somehow gets into smog and turning a blind eye -all thanks to social media- on real approaches of feminism.

Instead of realising that the world stands outside of our smartphones and web, we are seeing these as world. It's a vast planet and on it lies a vast geography where we can see vast diversity.
There are many countries and states where women are locked behind - so called home - the bars. I recently grabbed a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and was heartbroken just to imagine the condition of women in Afghanistan - it was horrific- under the Taliban , Mujahideen and even The Soviets.

They were banned from getting education , walking down the streets, wearing clothes according to their wishes and working - even if they are dying of starvation or they doesn't have any men at home to go to work 

Even in India - and many countries near door - in many places and villages women are not allowed to get education or to work. Even Child Marriage is still widely practiced in many states and villages around South Asian Countries. 
Rather than fighting and tackling against these odds our generation is more concern about what women can wear or not, if men can smoke why can't women , if boys are allowed to party why not girls ?


Education , Healthcare, Emancipation for work and occupation and mitigating child marriages should be the first priority of women's empowerment. Let's arise and give a call to real feminism and standing against real gender discrimination. Happy Women's Day.








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