Roald Dahl: the man in the news

Why the great juvenile writer is in the headlines? What's the matter with Pengui...

5 Best Thriller Books To Read Over The Weekend

Thriller books can keep you hooked like no other genre. Whether you're in the mo...

The Top 5 Best Mystery Books that You Should Read

There is nothing like getting consumed in the world of crime, murder, and myster...

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself and keep working hard. Faith will prevail.

Life After Death According to 5 Major Religion

For some people near death experiences, sense of deja-vu or witnessing ghost or ...

Why Should You Read 'The Alchemist ' - Novel Review

If you are passionate about attaining your dreams and need to know how to approa...


Ruth is the miracle that can be offered by only 'Almighty'...!

The Lighthouse | Poetry #1

Always have faith on almighty! He will heal you at any verge.

Review of the Novel: The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

"That's what books are for... to travel without moving an inch." So pull your so...

If I ever met Socrates... | Quarantine Story

A piece on a young girl's awe for Socrates.

Few Pages From A Guy’s Diary

Every guy is different. Most of you have different opinions about those creature...

Losing Hope Of Getting My Angel Back

A creation to show how someone could miss them so badly and desperately.

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