Few Pages From A Guy’s Diary

Every guy is different. Most of you have different opinions about those creatures. Well, I'll try to help you picture them in a good way a little bit of hatred.

May 14, 2020 - 17:57
Aug 23, 2020 - 12:29
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Few Pages From A Guy’s Diary



Are you single?

The only question which changes everything between two people. The understanding transforms to a “chance”. A chance of getting hit by the one who is close, knows every possible secrets of ours, a best friend or by a total stranger. The question which lead to next complicated statement “would you like to take our friendship to next level? I have feelings for you”

From where that person came up with so much of guts to ask that? You might be thinking why the hell I’m so concern about this? This is a modern era where boldness is appreciated rather than having crushed by someone secretly.

Many of us being there right? “The one sided love” thing. Most of the guys can relate to this “the friend zoned” besties. J It’s really hard to find someone who just want to be with you with no complaints and no demands. Who we can trust with the fact that they never going to fall in love with us. Is that real? Are there people like that? or it’s just a thought we all have so we can pretend it exists.

Well I have been a bestie to few with whom I don’t want any benefits. I’m happy with the fact that I’ve someone whom I can trust my life with and major benefit is they are always there at your breakup phase to cheer you up. J

I’ve asked that particular question because I know how it feels when a guy desperately wants to know whether his crush is seeing someone or single? if single then he can hit it off and if not single then he can try for another without wasting time. He will get it what he wants if not from you then from others for sure. Many are obsessed with the feeling being in love. I’m that kinda guy who simply likes to be pampered, highly romantic but I’m scared of getting hurt so I don’t really go with the “in relationship” status. Makes me feel I’m bounded. It doesn’t mean I’m a flirt if I’m with someone and our hearts are stringed I’m sure I’m loyal to her no matter what I’m not gonna hurt her. But things never go as we always wanted right. I’ll get to that point later.

For a girl it’s always been normal, normal being asked. and when it comes to asking. They never do. Most of the time they know or assume that the guy obviously wants to get some action that’s the main intention behind all of it.

Why we have forgotten that still there are souls who actually are craving for love. Not everyone out there wants get just laid. That too using love as a reason. That’s really a cheap move if you still do it.

In my whole life I’ve come across many phases we all knows how beautiful and how brutal the feelings can be. That’s what love is right.

Phases where you felt so special like a moon of their life to the left alone phase. Where no one cared if you had a good sleep or not.

There is always been a reason, always been a truth behind being single. Few still have hope and waiting for the right one to show up on their door. And few are just so obsessed by themselves afraid of getting hurt  they can’t love or give their precious heart to someone.

“Some people take baby steps to settle down. Some people refuse to settle at all. Sometimes, it’s not statistics. It’s just chemistry. And sometimes, just because it is over, doesn’t mean the love ends.”-lines form “How to be single”

I’ve learned many stuffs from this life past experiences and still learning. Trying to face everything with all the pieces of my heart and still act strong. “Believe, Hope, Faith” plays a major role in standing in every worst cases.

Yeah I might be wrong in many stages but if you see from my perspective you will know why it felt right.

I never thought of putting all those into an online blog and make it public. But many of my friends have suggested me to do so here it is. It might help others and myself too. As it is said if you summon up your life and give a thought to what you have done or come across, the wrong decisions I’ve made. Let’s try to make it right if possible and if it’s not well my friends don’t you repeat it. Life never gives you a second chance to everyone to make the wrongs right.

In this blog I’ll be thinking of all the love I’ve got and missed. All the mistakes I’ve done. Eyes moist and cheeks I’ve made blush. Few stories of mine and few are of those who gelled up with my time.

I won’t be writing as my life went sequentially. I’ll be taking few pages of my diary every time and putting it here. Don’t worry I’ll be indexing. : P

Hope who gives a shit to this blog will like it and who doesn’t man what can I say it’s your wish totally.

And please endure with me. I’m not a good writer. I’m just an artist who likes to talk a lot and doesn’t bother if it’s useful or not.


Cheers to messed up life and love.