Little Things in love

Life is not all about making big decisions and life altering changes, most of the time it's about the 'Little things'. Little things is a series on netflix about two people in love fighting against all the odds in life and trying to figure out life in their own ways .

Oct 20, 2021 - 19:59
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Little Things in love

A Dice Media creation, Little Things first dropped on You Tube in 2016 and connected across its intended viewers and soon enough Netflix picked it and and gave it a bigger platform.

Little things finale season was released on netflix on 15th of october 2021 and it has been talk of the town since then. The centre of attraction of little things is its simplicity and comforting warmth. Dhruv and Kavya two different people with their own flaws and strength trying to figure out life. Together they are 'not so ideal' couple yet one seems to be the missing piece of another's puzzle. The kind of bond they share is comforting for the audiences and fills the room with warmth and affection. The couple goes with the flow through out the show addressing eachother's flaws and not helping them to fix themselves but accepting the flaws of oneanother and moving forward with every step.

Kavya, someone who has got life planned yet is interested in chasing adventures on her way. Where as Dhruv is trying to figure out life and career at every step of life and is still getting to know himself better.
This couple witnesses personal growth together and evolves individually, falling more in love with eachother and oneself.

In the first season they won millions of hearts with their comforting bond and individual personality. In the second and third season they made us all aware of the bitter side of a relationship when family situation, career paths and their choices puts them in a long distance relationship. 
The fourth season revolves around a holiday where they reunite and face the odds on their way, witnessing awkwardness of reunion after more than a year. Addressing bunch of issues, arguments and unsure feelings they finally come over everything and leaves the audience with a heart full of love and satisfactory ending.

Little Things won't give you an illusion of what a perfect relationship is or how two people are madly, insanely and hopelessly in love. Instead it will give you a sweet reality check and will state the importance of being sane in a relationship and being hopefull when things gets edgy. 

The best part about the show is growth. With Dhruv and Kavya we witness growth, learning and evolvement both individually and as a couple. The maturity and melancholy embodied  by Kavya and Dhruv's restless but well meaning determination pave the way for their greatest strength-- they like to solve things








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