Search for Life || Oh Wait ! Whaaat? Ray Of Life On The Hottest Planet Of Our Solar System !

Sep 20, 2020 - 11:49
Sep 20, 2020 - 11:54
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Search for Life || Oh Wait ! Whaaat? Ray Of Life On The Hottest Planet Of Our Solar System !

Have you ever heard the term in your life “ Think before you speak”, obviously you heard it so many times. So imagine a situation where you heard something new and still it’s impossible to believe it. Okay, enough of my roller coaster, the unbelievable and unnatural fact that Scientists have found a Life Possibilities (Phosphine Gas) on Venus, the second planet from the Sun and the hottest planet of our Solar System. 

The normal temperature of Venus is about 876 degrees Fahrenheit / 468 degrees Celsius and still we found a hope of life in the clouds of Venus, strange but true!


Now scientists are confused and unexpectedly surprised and looking for an answer. After finding the gas, which is 50km above from the surface. In scientific terms, Scientists have discovered a layer of Phosphine gas in the clouds of Venus, which simply means Venus' atmosphere has been surrounded by living organisms. Phosphine gas : formula PH3  (discovered by Philippe Gengembre) are flammable, toxic and colorless gas.

PH3 has also been found in the gut of some animals( eg:- penguins) which are a species of “ anaerobic (non-oxygen-breathing) bacteria-organisms” and it was made naturally in them.

PH3 requires better temperature and high pressures to get produced and It’s a source of hydrogen for reaction. Phosphine is not at all pleasant for human comfort and it smells like garlic. Most importantly on earth, It is generated by microbes in the absence of oxygen.

To explain it very simply Phosphine is considered as a living gas on earth and now Scientists (in shock) have confirmed its presence in the cloud of Venus.

Oops...It Means Aliens On Venus For Real!

Hypothetically Aliens can also produce phosphine gas on Venus or we need to look for penguin’s family there. 

It is quite shocking for scientists to find life on Venus, due to its high temperature, and the huge amount of carbon dioxide present in its atmosphere, which is not at all favorable for animals and human beings.

Life on Venus needs to be researched more as Phosphine is essential on earth and now it is available on Venus with a hidden secret.

                      source- The Atlantic

An Astrobiologist Dr Lewis Dartnell (University of Westminster) said "If life can survive in the upper cloud-decks of Venus - that's very illuminating, because it means maybe life is very common in our galaxy as a whole. Maybe life doesn't need very Earth-like planets and could survive on other, hellishly-hot, Venus-like planets across the Milky Way."

NASA is already thinking of a strategy to find the secret of VENUS (life in the clouds), possibly initiating the plan in the 2030s.   

According to Venus date and timing system we can find the answer within a few days, as one day on Venus is equal to 5832 hours. 








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