Oreva group manager refers to the collapse of the Morbi Bridge as an "Act of God" in court, In accordance with an advocate.

Nov 3, 2022 - 14:29
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Oreva group manager refers to the collapse of the Morbi Bridge as an "Act of God" in court, In accordance with an advocate.



In a significant growth in the Morbi bridge collapse case in Gujarat, the Additional Public Prosecutor told that one of the blamed managers of the Oreva firm had in court recognized "Act of God" as the cause of the dismal casualty. Deepak Parekh, a manager with the Oreva corporation, reportedly remarked on the 150-year-old suspension bridge in Morbi. One of the nine people detained after the bridge collapsed on Sunday is Parekh.


A meaningful disclosure was that the bridge's cable wires were "rusting continuously" and weren't exposed to the public in the best possible condition, according to the Investigating Officer (IO) of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) he also said that the bridge's flooring was the only act achieved, and neither the cables nor the oiling-greasing was finished.

One of the two managers of the Oreva corporation who have been jailed, following Additional Public Prosecutor Advocate HS Panchal, "spoken the court that it is an 'Act of God 

Nine people were detained in connection with the collapse of the century-old suspension bridge on October 30 that killed 135 people.

Panchal gave details about the suspects whom the police had detained today. "Of the 4 people held by police, two are managers at Oreva Co, who, following seven months of renovation, opened the bridge to traffic while the other two worked on the fabrication and erection," he claimed. The other five defendants, who are security guards and ticket salesmen, were imprisoned by the court. 


Advocate Panchal continued, "In the report, the Investigating Officer (IO) noted that the tender procedure did not take place and the contract was awarded immediately.


Rahul Tripathi, SP Morbi, commented on the continuing inquiry and stated, "We are questioning all four suspects while they are in our custody and we are trying to establish the accountability of the various types of lapses in the bridge reconstruction. We're doing a comprehensive investigation, and whoever is implicated will be detained and booked.


Yes, we have submitted a scientific report to the court, he said, but we are unable to reveal its details to you at this time since doing so would impair our investigation.


According to Gujarat's Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi, "the death toll in the Morbi hanging bridge collapse tragedy has risen to 132." Yesterday, as he was leaving Ahmedabad, the Chief Minister established a powerful committee. The variously stationed officers were all given orders to report to Morbi by 2 am. There is an investigation going on. He also mentioned concerning the occurrence, a criminal prosecution has been filed. 


A search and rescue effort is going on in the Machchhu River. A cable suspension bridge in Morbi town collapsed on Sunday, sending people into the Machchhu River. Over 100 of them are now being treated for their injuries. There were at least 135 fatalities, including women and children.

"One or two people are still missing, according to information from the district administration. In collaboration with other agencies, we are conducting a search operation. Five NDRF teams are now working in this area, according to NDRF commandant Prasanna Kumar.