Life After Death According to 5 Major Religion

For some people near death experiences, sense of deja-vu or witnessing ghost or an entity (perhaps through a medium) convinces them that there is life after death. There is no scientific evidence for life after death but the belief in after life is very strong amongst religious people. For them belief in life after death is based on the teachings in their religious texts or traditions therefore it is a fundamental belief. Some also believe that there is no sort of existence after death.

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1. Christianity

When it comes to what will happen to us after death, Christianity teaches- Heaven and Hell. The idea is of course very basic, it is if you are faithful to god and you lead a life of righteousness then you will go to heaven but if you have lived in sin then you will go to hell. As a Christian, your faith is rewarded with eternal life in Heaven above of if you choose to live in sin you go to hell, kinda really straight forward if you ask me. So for followers of this faith life after death has been promised by gods.








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