How To Install Android Apps In Jio Phone ?

Introduction , What is KK APK APP ?,

May 13, 2021 - 17:55
May 14, 2021 - 19:55
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How To Install Android Apps In Jio Phone ?


Everyone wants to install application in there jio phone . But jio phone is kaios devices it doesn't not support apk. But this become possible when we developed a app for jio phone . The app has the capability to install apk in jio phone . 

The app name KK APK App can install application (apk) in jio phone without omnisd and pc . This app KK APK can help in installing unlimited apps in jio phone. By using this app every jio phone user can install application in their jio phone . This app will work in each model .
We have tested this app in jio phone f120b , f220b , f320b and f90m. The downloading and installing process is simple and easy .

How To Download And Install KK APK app in Jio Phone ?

For downloading KK Apk you have to follow the following steps . 

1. Your Jio Phone should have minimum 60% battery ???? for installing this kk apk application .
2. After this you have to go to youtube app and then you have to search " technical support in hindi " and then click on our channel.
3. I have given a link in the video description . You just have to click on it.
4. After clicking on the link you have to click on download button.
5. After that you file will be downloaded. 
6. Then open file manager app in your jio phone and go to downloads folder and find the given zip file .
7. Make sure the phone should minimum 60% charged for the installation process.
8. Then click on the given zip and after it your phone will run into boot menu .
9. Wait 5 minutes for the installation and once the installation is complete you phone may heat up so please wait for minimum 5 minutes.
10. After you phone temperature becomes normal then you have to switch on your jio phone. 
11. Now you can see the Kk Apk App will be successfully installed in your device.
12. Now download any apk and go to kk apk and click on install button to install the app.
13. Now everyone can install any application in there jio phone .

Click below to download

For F120b
For F220b
For  F320b
For F10q















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