Why Do You Need Alexa?

But first let’s understand what is an Alexa that is creating all this buzz…

Why Do You Need Alexa?


Image credits- the-ambient.com

Nearly two decades ago, Amazon launched its personal assistant gizmo with voice recognition helping people turn their homes into smart homes cost effectively.

We know that whenever we hear any kind of gadget or service from Amazon, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it must be a part of Amazon prime. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy any subscription for using an Alexa as it is completely independent and smoothly connects with a host of services, like Pandora and the SmartThings hub, so you can hear music or control the lights. Sound fun, right?

Of course like every other piece of technology, there’s room for improvement in Alexa as well as it doesn’t recognize the artists name when playing music and there’s absolutely no way yet to fast forward or rewind through music or podcast.

Having an Alexa at home certainly gives you the feel of an early adopter just like bringing a brand new PC at home used to feel.

Mentioned below are few of the awesome reasons why you just can’t say NO to buying an Alexa:

You can check the weather before you leave the house

We know it might sound silly but believe us it can be a life changer. Ask those who forgot their umbrellas on a rainy day.

You can set (and snooze) an alarm by barely moving a muscle

Setting an alarm is the easiest part but putting it on snooze without barely moving a muscle? Take my money and get me an Alexa.

TuneIn, Anypod, Spotify or live commentary for the most awaited game? What’s your mood?

Listen to ESPN or news from your couch or balcony just like the good old 60’s radio style. With easy connectivity to spotify or any other music player, playing music is the easiest of all. 

Convert measurements, ask the mystery of the universe or simply ask a joke.

With just a simple voice command, you can ask the most technical questions to make the simplest of requests like asking for local film screening times or checking facts during a heated argument.

Make shopping a breeze!

Yes, you can ask Alexa to order pizza just like you would ask a friend. You can also place orders exclusion to clothing and jewellery. You can also get sales offer alerts with Prime membership. The most amazing part with shopping is that you can also set up an unique 4-digit pin to prohibit unauthorized purchasing.

Learn new skills

The echo has over 8,000 skills, or mini apps for a variety of hobbies you may do or simply be interested in learning. With inbuilt IFTTT, learning is easier than ever.

Compatibility with all things smart!

Bluetooth, Z-Wave, WiFi, ZigBee. No matter what connectivity protocols your other smart devices such as Nest thermostat or Philips Hue bulbs may use, Alexa will automatically and easily connect with them all in a single voice command. 


Image Credits- Amazon.com

While some families might think that Alexa is intrusive in certain ways that it invades their quality family time and always encourages them to stay connected to the outside world or adversely affect their spending habits, some modern families are making Alexa as an integral part of their family activities and seeing more engagement among members than before. 


Earlier the zeal which was only seen outside of the home with friends, that same energy can be observed with Alexa at home! Kids are also more excited than ever to play at home and bombard hundreds of questions at Alexa than before. 


So it is safe to conclude that while technology has its adverse effects, good things are always waiting for us right at the corner.