Coca Cola introduces World’s first Electric Cola Bottle

If you are a Star Wars Fan and love Coca Cola as well! You are going to love this duo…

Coca Cola introduces World’s first Electric Cola Bottle

Image credits: Engadget

Gone are the days where OLED was just a thing for televisions only. They are now for Coca cola bottles as well. You read it right. Coca Cola Singapore has used OLED displays to create limited edition Star Wars bottles with glowing lightsabers that glow when touched.

The company claims the diodes are ‘eco-friendly’ because they’re manufactured without the use of rare-earth metals.

They are apparently made in tie up with Star Wars for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

Merchandise is great when it comes to movie promotions as it really helps in connecting a character or story to its audience and also leaves a long lasting impression on customers mind as the movie can be easily recalled even after it has well served its presence on the big screen.

Star Wars merchandise has always been a great hit among its followers. Its merchandising strategy has helped the brand build its own cult. And with a collaboration like this, it's sure to be a hit among its die hard fans.

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As you can see, no compromise has been done on the packaging as well to give you that exact thrill you feel at the movie theatres. The Red Vs Blue theme will always be the classic signature of Star Wars.

Coca-Cola Singapore has successfully managed to maintain the flexibility of OLED displays to wrap special-edition sugar-free Coke bottles with light-up, glowing lightsabers wielded by Rey and Kylo Ren in the epic franchise movie which we have all enjoyed for so many years.

The company responsible for creating the special lightsaber label is actually a German OLED marketing company named Inuru.

According to the soft drink giant, the battery-powered OLED bottles can light up about 500 times, so you'll need to ration your drink for some long lasting action. Inuru also created the labels in such a manner that they glow when touched. 

As far as the packaging goes, there's an electronic circuit printed which lights up the lightsabers when touched. All you have to do is place your fingers on any part of the plastic wrap to bring them to life. 


With these bottles, soon you might be able to have a typical lightsaber dual with your buddy. You'll need to provide your own sound effects though.

We know you already want it but the process of getting one is not so easy so hang on with us.

The process of obtaining this special bottle is bit tricky. 

First step for the fans is to solve a riddle revealed on Instagram and Facebook, then track down the secret locations of "Gatekeepers" near 7-Eleven stores around Singapore, obtain a special pass and then redeem that pass to buy a bottle.

There are 8,000 bottles total and the hunt will take place on weekends until Dec. 22. Those who might be interested in this special hunt, can get all the details through Coca-Cola Singapore's official promotion website. The limited number and the deadlines both make this hunt even more exciting than ever! 

Fans who are lucky enough to get both bottles will definitely be keeping them next to their Luke Skywalker or other Star Wars action figures because the only way your prized possession will appreciate in value is only if they remain in mint condition.


These limited edition Rey(blue) and Kylo Ren(red) bottles may not entice everybody but their scarcity and novelty will definitely make them one of the most high end sought after pieces of the Star Wars merchandise.