11 Netflix Original Shows That Are Worth Bingeing This Lockdown

We have picked up some of the amazing shows streaming on your favorite screen. Add these to your watchlist, stay in bed and be a binge racer. Here we go!

1. TIGER KING: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Genre: Documentary, Crime

Released:  20, March, 2020.

It’s an American true-crime documentary, focuses on polygamist, misogynist, and eccentric character, Joe Exotic, who owns a huge zoo of exotic animals like, big cats, bears, and other rare animals. The story untangles his darkest secrets when he is held accused of the murder charges of his biggest opposition Carole Baskin, an Animal Right Activist who is a big threat to his zoo business. 

2. KILLER INSIDE : The mind of Aaron Hernandez

Genre: Crime, Documentary

Released on: 15 January 2020

This crime documentary series focuses on what leads to the shocking death one time NFL Bigwig Aaron Hernandez.  The series depicts the journey of Aaron Hernandez, from playing for a top college to getting selected into infamous NFL in his 20’s. But life takes an upside turn when he gets involved in a famous in-house murder of Odin Lloyd. The series features a full-on the courtroom drama, interviews of the people related to Hernandez and Lloyd.

3. The Pharmacist

Genre: Crime, Documentary

Released: 5 February, 2020

A crime documentary that shows a real struggle of a father who fights for justice for his deceased son, who was shot dead in a drug, related shooting. In his journey of justice, he not only unveil the truth behind this dirty drag business and the infamous people who were involved in it but also ends up saving many more sons and daughter from this life taking pills.

4. The Stranger

Genre:  Thriller, Mystery

Released on: 30 January, 2020

The Storyline of the crime- drama is taken from the novel of Harlen Coben of the similar title as that of the drama. The character of the series, Adam Price, who has a perfect family and a perfect life with a loving wife and two sons, until when a stranger comes to him and unveils a mysterious yet shocking secret about his wife, Corine.


Genre:  Documentary, Reality TV

Released on: 8 January, 2020

If you have a keen interest in sports lover, and searching for some good documentary stuff in this Quarantine period, then CHEER is definitely worth bingeing! This six-part series follows 40 cheerleaders of a cheer team under the guidance of the coach Monica Aldama, who went into the national rankings. The series shows their hardships and preparations to compete in National Cheer Leading Championship, which is annual, held in Florida.

6. The Circle

Genre: Game show, Reality TV

Released on: 1 January, 2020

Finding some in-house reality show, The Circle is an absolute reality-based show that you are looking for, where contestants residing in an apartment never get to meet other in person, and for all such things they need to have a socializing app “the circle”, which helps them to socialize, communicate and interact with each other. They communicate by either making their fake or real profile. Also, they have to rate the players through this app according to their social media impressions and personalities, until the winner is decided.

7. Love is Blind

Genre: Reality TV

Released on: 13 February, 2020

In the era, of social media dating and mating, Netflix brings to you a romance package; love is blind, which exactly focuses on internet dating and romance. The series follows, where singles entering the dating pods talking about love, sexuality, and religion. Watch this series to find out who makes the best chemistry and finds the soul-mate for oneself.

8. American Vandal

Genre: Crime, Comedy, Mystery

Released On: 2017-2018

This series is a true mystery, comedy-drama that is sets a satire on after consequences of the high-school mischievous prank, leaving several vehicles, smashed with phallic and absurd images, where Peter Maldonado, an investigator regarding the expulsion of Dylan Maxwell, who is accused of vandalizing the property.

9. Dead to Me

Genre: Comedy, Drama,

Released on: 2019

Starring Linda Cardellini, who became infamous from Scooby-Doo Movies and other comedy roles, the show depicts a close-knitted bond between two widows, who met each other in a public group. The Next season is in a row to be premiered in May.

10. Atypical

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Released on:  2017

The Story revolves around an 18 year-old autistic young boy Sam, who thinks it’s high time that he finds a girl for himself, which leads to life-changing events for his mother as her son doesn’t want to be dependent anymore. Series follows an emotional funny experience of self- discoveries whereas, the family struggles to find what really normal is.

11. Sex Education

Genre: Comedy, Drama 

Released on: 17 January, 2020

Sexually awkward, a high school student Otis has not much experience in lovemaking but he gets good guidance living with her mom, Jean, who is a sexual therapist. Surrounded by videos and having a good hold on the subject, Otis decides to help his classmates by setting up a sex therapy clinic with badass girl. Meanwhile, during all this, Otis realizes that he himself is in the need of the therapy itself


Grab some Popcorn and start bingeing your favorite series from the list. Have a good time fellas!