Test Your Knowledge || Pass This Quiz To Know Whether You Are A True Assamese Or Not?

Test YourSelf with this amazing assamese quiz to check yourself out whether you are a hardcore Assamese or not. Let's Begin! | COMMENT DOWN YOUR SCORE

1. What is the historical place of Assam?

a. Jorhat
b. Sivasagar
c. Tinisukia

2. Who was the first Assamese person to get Arjuna Award ?

a. Durga Bora
b. Bhogeshwar Boruah
c. Hima Das

3. What is the total length of Dhola Sadiya bridge?

a. 9.10 k.m
b. 9.15 k.m
c. 9.12 k.m

4. Who was the first female chief minister of Assam?

a. Anuwara Taimur
b. Rituparna Baruah
c. Kamali Basumatari

5. Who is known as the 'Lion Man ' of Assam ?

a. Kushal Konwar
b. Piyoli Baruah
c. Radha Govinda Boruah

6. Who was the first Assamese actress to get national award under the best actress category?

a. Jerifa Wahid
b. Setona Das
c. Moloya Goswami

7. In which category Ankushita Borah wins the Gold Madal in AIBA world championship?

a. 66k.g
b. 60k.g
c. 64 k.g

8. Who was the first election commissioner of India from Assam?

a. Ranjit Das
b. Harishankar Barma
c. Dipak Mishra

9. Which city is known as cultural city of Assam?

a. Dibrugarh
b. Jorhat
c. Tinsukia

10. In which year the first Medical College was established in Assam?

a. 1947
b. 1960
c. 1968

11. In which year the first University was established in North- East ?

a. 1948
b. 1947
c. 1984

12. Which is the first monthly Assamese magazine of Assam ?

a. Arunudoi
b. Bismai
c. Ramdhenu

13. In which year the digging of oil was done in Digboi ?

a. 1889
b. 1781
c. 1909

14. Who was the first Ahom Barbaruah ?

a. Momai Tamuli
b. Langi Panihya

15. In 1900 A.D where was the world biggest and first tea reachers centre established in Assam?

a. Nagaon
b. Jalukbari
c. Jorhat

16. In which Assamese film Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was honoured the best music director ?

a. Sameli Memsahab
b. Mukuta
c. Bhagya

17. Which Assamese person won film fare award first from Assam?

a. Bijoy Chowdhury
b. Bishnu Rava
c. Medini Chowdhury

18. Bihu dance was observed in open field, later on ' Bihu dance' is now mainly observed on stages . Where and when it was done first?

a. Dibrugarh,1941
b. Sivasagar ,1914
c. Tezpur ,1981

19. A novel 'Dhanyo Noro Tanu Val ' was written on the life of Sri Sri Sankardeva. The author is -

a. Syed Abdul Malik
b. Homen Borgohain
c. Mamoni Roysom Goswami

20. What was the previous name of Assam Sahitya Sava ?

a. Axom Sahitya Sanmiloni
b. Sodou Axom Sahitya Sanmiloni
c. Sahitya Sova, Axom

21. A historically famous road 'Dhondar Ali' was constructed by a Ahom king. Who was the king ?

a. Godadhor Singha
b. Siva Singha
c. Purandar Singha

22. What is the first Ahom capital of Assam ?

a. Sivasagar
b. Rongpur
c. Soraideu

23. Who was the first Assamese person who fought against English ruler in Assam ?

a. Lachit Borphukan
b. Gomdhar Konwar
c. Rudra Singha

24. The birthday of a renowned Assamese writer is observed as 'Sisu -Divas'?

a. Vabendranath Saikia
b. Lakhminath Bejboruah
c. Mamoni Raysom Goswam

25. Who was the first graduate of Assam?

a. Anandaram Baruah
b. Bhupen Hazarika
c. Banikanta Kakoti

26. Who was the first president of Axom Sahitya Sova ?

a. Padmanath Gohain Boruah
b. Chandradhar Baruah
c. Kaliram Medhi

27. A dance named 'Gumrag' is danced by the tribe

a. Mising
b. Karbi
c. Bodo

28. The Ahom Kings and his family officials enjoyed different games, dances, rhino fight etc etc. From the house named

a. Kareng Ghar
b. Rong Ghar
c. Tolatol Ghar

29. A historically famous place for its Siva Mondir, situated near Dergaon is called Negeriting . What is Negeri ?

a. A kind of small bird
b. A kind of flower
c .A Kind of fruit

30. Who was the first doctorate of Assam ?

a. Maidul Islam
b. Bhupen Hazarika
c. Banikanta Kakoti