Computer Fundamental Basic MCQs (Long Quiz) (Part 10)

This is the quiz about basics of Computer Fundamental . Students and new learner's can test their knowledge.

1. Which of the following printers, are you sure will not to use if your objective is to print on multicarbon forms?


2. The term MIPS refers to _____

millions of instructions per second
multiple instructions per second

3. The primary memory of a personal computer consists of:

RAM only
Both ROM and RAM

4. A software package to implement a data base is

System analysis

5. A dot-matrix printer

is an input device
is an output device

6. What was the name of the first commercially available micro¬processor chip?

Intel 8080
Intel 4004

7. The term "memory" applies to which one of the following


8. The working principles of today's computers were provided by an English mathematician

Charles Babbage
Ken Reider

9. A new technology which provides the ability to create an artificial world and have people interact with it is called

virtual reality
alternative reality

10. Which of the following is not used as secondary storage

Semiconductor memory
Magnetic disks

11. A file that includes an index directory to facilitate random access is

Sequential file
Indexed file

12. Control of computer system or subsystem operation by an operator who may intervene at arbitrary times is

Manual control

13. In which of the following terminals the screen is regarded as an array of pixels, where each pixel is either on or off?

Character map terminal
Bit map terminal

14. In computer terminology a compiler means

the same thing as a programmer
a program which translates source program into object program

15. Which part of computer performs functions similar to the cerebrums of the above cardiac and nervous system of a human body.

Control unit

16. What is the number of bits needed for an address in a 4 K memory?


17. The physical equipment made oi various metals, silicon and plastic components that make up the parts of a computer is called


18. Memories in which any location can be reached in a fixed (and short) amount of time after specifying its address is called

random-access memory
secondary memory

19. Which is part of a computer system, enables human operators to communicate with the computer.


20. A register in which of the following that holds the current instruction while it is being executed is called instruction register.


21. The OCR stand for?

Outsized character reader
Optical character recognition

22. The two basic types of record-access methods are:

sequential and random
sequential and indexed

23. Which functional component of a computer is responsible for the computing?


24. The light pen was developed in


25. The two main components of the CPU is

Control unit and registers
Control unit and ALU

26. Transmission and presentation of text and graphics is called

Video text

27. Which of the following does not affect the resolution of a video display image?

raster scan rate
screen size

28. Which was the first commercial computer built by M.V. Wilkies.

Super computer

29. No computer can do anything without a


30. The shifting of a program from one of the memory addresses to another is