Top 5 Training Supplements for Beginners

This blog is about 5 ideal training supplements for people who have just started hitting the gym.

Mar 25, 2022 - 19:31
Mar 25, 2022 - 08:54
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Top 5 Training Supplements for Beginners

In today’s world, consuming training supplements has become a trend. But if you have recently started lifting weights, it might be confusing for you whether to stick to the natural diet or to opt for supplements. 

Let me clear your doubts right here. You should remember the golden rule that says you have to cover all your nutrients from your natural diet. But if you are not able to complete your nutrition from your food then you can take the help of training supplements. 

I will help you create your first supplement stack which will make you strong, more energetic, and will help you gain mass fast.

Here are the 5 ideal training supplements for beginners:-

1. Whey Protein

Whey Protein as we know is a dairy item and is acquired from cow’s milk. It is one of the most utilized training supplements in the world. If you are not able to cover your protein requirement through your food, whey protein is the best way to fulfill that need. 

Whey protein contains all nine necessary amino acids we need to consume to build muscle which makes it a perfect protein source. Whey protein supplements are fast-digesting as they go into the bloodstream and start the work rapidly. So the best time to have whey protein is right after a vigorous workout so that recovery takes place at a higher pace. 

The worldwide market of whey protein is so huge as it was valued at around 8.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is going to reach 18.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

2. Creatine

Creatine is the only training supplement that has received the most research under its name. Creatine is an amino acid that is produced naturally in our bodies in minute amounts. It is also found in seafood as well as red meat.

The main reason why creatine is consumed is that it provides extra energy which enables you to lift heavy. When creatine reaches the muscles, it draws water along with it due to which the muscles look full and large which results in weight gain and increased muscle mass. 

If you are a beginner who wants to play with heavyweights and grow more muscle then creatine is the best supplement for you.

3. BCAAs

BCAA points to Branched Chain Amino Acids which consists of 3 essential amino acids: Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine. BCAAs are not produced by our body naturally, so we have to induce them through our diet. 

Beginners have this desire to grow muscle fast for which they train for hours in the gym due to which their body goes into the catabolic state. This is where BCAAs come in. BCAAs prevent muscle breakdown (catabolic) and enhance performance during a workout. It also helps in boosting muscle recovery.

4. Fish oils

Fish oils consist of Omega 3 fatty acids especially EPA and DHA which have numerous benefits. They prevent muscle breakdown, help in muscle recovery, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, amplify joint tissue repairing. 

Fish oils are also known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which bag them the place in the 5 top training supplements for beginners. 

Many pieces of research show that when fish oil is consumed along with a diet that includes carbohydrates and BCCAs, then fish oils can aid in speeding up protein synthesis. There are many fish oil supplements in the market but be sure to buy one which is high in EPA and DHA and less in mercury.

5. Multivitamins

One supplement which is always neglected by beginners is the multivitamin. Vitamins play a crucial role to achieve ideal health and enhance recovery. 

One should indeed get all the vital vitamins from a natural diet, but because of current farming practices, the mineral and vitamin levels have depleted remarkably. Thus, consuming multivitamins is an easy way to get all the vitamins you don’t get from your diet. 

Multivitamins are available in the market in many forms like tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids. When you are going to buy a multivitamin, you should look for the ones which are natural, bio-available and purity tested.


It is great to include training supplements in your diet if you are a beginner. But if you have just started hitting the gym, you should focus more on getting your nutrients from a natural diet rather than depending on training supplements.








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