Computer Fundamental Basic MCQs (Long Quiz) (Part 5)

This is the quiz about basics of Computer Fundamental . Students and new learner's can test their knowledge.

1. INTERNET stands for

International Network
Information Network

2. A network that is connected to the Internet, but uses encryption to scramble all the data sent through the Internet is called ?

My network
Virtual Private Network

3. “Macintosh” an Operating System is a product of ?


4. Which of the following is not an input device of the computer?

Sound card

5. This part of the computer does all of the ‘thinking’. It can carry out billions of instructions per second and gets very hot.

Hard Drive

6. A device which is not connected to the CPU is known as which of the following?

On-line device
Off-line device

7. Which of the following are the another names for a PEN Drive?

USB Flash Drive, Gig Stick
USB Flash Drive, Gig Stip

8. What is the full form of CASE tools?

Computer Aided Software Engineering
Common Aided Software Engineering

9. Which of the following is the name given to the illegal copy of software?


10. What do we call the time required to send one single bit?

Bit interval
Bit frequency

11. Which of these has the highest transmission capacity?

Coaxial cables
Optical fibers

12. What is the time needed by each device on a network, to hold the message before processing, called as?

Queuing time
Transmission time

13. Which university was connected for the first time with the Stanford Research Institute under ARPANET?

University of California
University of New York

14. When was the first version of Windows released?


15. What will happen if Shift + Delete key combination is pressed after selecting a file in Windows?

The file gets deleted permanently
The file goes to the Recycle Bin

16. When was MS Excel launched for Windows OS?


17. OS stands :

Operating System
Operation System

18. Which of these is a diagram and flowcharting app from Microsoft?

Corel Draw

19. Which menu option in MS word has the ‘Track Changes’ feature?


20. How to insert current time in a cell in MS Excel?

By pressing Ctrl + Shift + (
By pressing Ctrl + Shift + :

21. How can an existing presentation be opened in MS PowerPoint?

Ctrl + O
Ctrl + Shift + O

22. Which of the following is an audio streaming platform app?


23. What is Microsoft Windows XP?

It is an operating system
It is an application software

24. Which of these folders in Windows is used by browsers to cache web pages?

Temporary Internet Files

25. Which of these keys combination will open the start menu in Windows?

Ctrl + Esc
Ctrl + F4

26. Which of these Microsoft Office apps can be used for conferences and meetings in real time?

MS Power point
Skype for Business

27. What is the text styling feature of MS Word known as?


28. What is the use of VLOOKUP function in MS Excel?

to copy a row
to find things in a table

29. Which of the key combination is used to hide a selected row?

Ctrl + 9
Ctrl +10

30. Where is the Insert function button located in MS Excel?

Under Formulas Menu
Under Insert Menu