Get more Conversions & Sales using Facebook Ads! Boost your E-commerce Business.

E-commerce marketing helps you in driving in more sales, increased store visits & better reach to your potential audience. People love shopping online & if you create a ad that resonates with your target audience, you will achieve your sales goals. Learn how to use Facebook Advertising for boosting your e-commerce business.

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Get more Conversions & Sales using Facebook Ads! Boost your E-commerce Business.

If you are a retail seller, the time is right for you to switch to digital marketing. E-commerce sector involves selling products through an online platform. It can be an E-commerce Website or a Facebook Shop, you can choose either. For the long term, an E-commerce website works best. You have Facebook Audience, Instagram Audience & Audience Network as your potential market. Following a few simple steps will help in aligning with the customer journey.

Every retailer has a USP & objectives are different. Many campaigns will help you achieve your goals. Traditional brick & mortar shops are facing huge challenges due to less influx of offline customers or store visits. We have seen a shift in retailer behavior, making them an omnichannel, adapting themselves to customer’s behaviors & demands. While the e-commerce sector is growing, customer presence is segmented. People are using various modes to shop online. A customer might see for lingerie on a laptop, purchase them a few days later using a mobile device. With the increase in the difference in purchasing channels, offline & online conversions are complex now. 

It’s safe to say a mobile device is a constant companion of your potential customer. More sales are happening with mobile phones. Everyone picks up a phone if they have something in their mind & just google it. Being a retailer, you can make use of this changed digital behavior. People engage more with products & services through Facebook, Instagram & partner audience networks. Facebook has given the option of many personalized targeting options for better sales & in-store sales.


How to plan Facebook Advertising Campaigns?

Before you kickstart your e-commerce marketing, you might need to ask few questions to yourself.

What your business goals?

You need to find what your business goals are. It can be brand awareness, acquisition, scaling E-commerce sales, getting more store visits.

Who is my audience?

Choosing the right segment of the audience. If you want to capture a new audience, engage with the existing ones, or find new people. You can base the campaign upon that.

 How can I track the results?

You need to set your key performance indicators (KPIs) and define them for your monthly reports.

What major events should be considered?

Considering the importance of products launch, weekend deals, new store openings, etc. helps in getting more creative reach. 

Here is a Facebook Advertising Checklist for you:

  • Implementing Facebook Pixel on your website, or Facebook SDK using App Events on your app.
  • Building a custom audience using the list of the existing customer list.
  • Including locations in your ad for driving people to stores.
  • Allocating budget as per your budget.
  • Performing Split Testing or A/ B Testing to determine what is working best for your ad.
  • Adding a product catalog, linked with the website helps you in retargeting users who have shown interest in your products.
  • Utilizing dynamic ads for cross-device targeting helps in acquiring customers from across devices.
  • Using Carousel Product Ads & Video Ads results in more link clicks & good click-through-rate.
  • Choosing the right ad objective to drive sales & get better ROI.
  • Using Facebook Advance Measurement Tools such as Facebook Pixel, Facebook SDK & App Events.
  • Testing different ad creatives for better ad performance, ad frequency.
  • Working with Facebook third-party solutions like Nielsen Brand Effect and Millward Brown Digital: Brand Lift Insights for advanced reporting.

A properly planned Facebook Campaign with sales funnels & retargeting surely drive in more sales. Not only the customer responds to creative ads but also, they purchase the product. Overall, E-commerce Marketing is the need of the hour for small & medium-size businesses. And if you are a retailer, you must leverage the power of Facebook Advertising.









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