Why Should You Run After Scores

If scores are the major determinants of your identity and destiny, why should you not strive hardest to score the highest?

Oct 6, 2021 - 23:31
Oct 3, 2021 - 20:37
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Why Should You Run After Scores

Why should you run after scores?

Hey, the result of the ‘X’ examination is out, did you make it to the list? Excitedly asks John. "No, I missed, had poor scores", disappointed Karry replies. Don’t worry friend, these marks do not determine your worth. Most of the time we hear these remarks from the people nearby when they get to know that one has not cleared the cutoff or got disqualified from a certain opportunity. Now, let me deliberate whether the person uttering those sympathizing remarks believes them? has s/he not judged your worth after hearing your scores? have they not pondered over the reasons for your failure? have they not given you some tips to do better next time? and have they not tried to convince you by giving an immediate example of the person who achieved the milestone of passing the examination in its very first strike? Think about these questions and ask for an honest reply from yourself.

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I am the certain majority of you will agree to the judgment and advice part, and also a corner of your heart will say yes, my scores determine my worth, and has a role to play in shaping my identity. The remarks of sympathy are far from reality. People are bound to judge your worth on the basis of your scores and let's not deflect ourselves from this cold reality. Marks Matter!  Better quickly accept this concept, your delayed understanding will only aggravate the damage.

All the wise lectures of faulty assessment patterns, rote learning, etc find a backseat on the day of result declaration. And only those who score higher are celebrated. At this point, I think I am not being pessimistic but am being aware of the existing critical realities.

You have been known to people through your marks only. Doesn't each parent of your classmates know the name and even the activities and habits of the topper of your class? Even though they don't have to give and take anything from the topper, they know intricate details about him/ her. That's why let's be smart enough to quickly understand that marks and identity are no two separate entities. Scores have shaped your past, present, future and shall continue to shape your life, not only yours but of the next generations of yours too. For instance, if you score less, remain unemployed, financially vulnerable, will your children will have a life of dignity and comfort? Absolutely NO. Therefore your score determines your cosmos. Do take them seriously.

Now, is there any transition in your thought,? If marks have such an enormous value, should you still be blindfolded to their massive importance? Should you still keep yourself delved in the philosophical slumber of attaining ‘wisdom’ and paying no heed to the scores which are the gateways to your future and destiny?

This is an era of soft power, smart power, sharp power, and quick power. Every time you need to assert yourself to mark your presence and worth. Many a time you will require to stand and say out loud that you are there and your opinion matters. So, get up don't be cocooned. Strive with all your might. Strike with all your zeal and passion.

Run after perfecting yourself, run after scoring the highest. Do remember the theory of the survival of the fittest. Even the strongest have to strive the hardest in order to survive. Here I am  reminded of  the quote:

"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you'd better be running." So, no matter who you are, what your past credentials have been, every day you have to run the fastest else somebody will crush you!

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Asserting oneself and working the hardest is the destiny of human beings. In the current system of evaluation, scores are the barometer of ones worth, so assert yourself through it. In the future something else will determine your worth, so be quick to adapt that. Flow with the time. Don't sit passively. Keep hitting the hardest. Try harder to score as much as you can. Always give 100% of your potential during preparation.

Although I agree, every time, only hard work doesn't determine success. Of course, many other determinants are there. But the factors that are not in human's control are not worth giving undue weightage.

The great Bhagavad Geeta mentions, "Do your duty and leave the rest on God". Of course, this must be kept in mind. There may be situations when even after giving 100%, things may not turn up. This does not mean that one has not been honest with one's work. Certain things are not in one's control and that's okay. I am just trying to point that if one is not working as per one's capacity, then that should pain one.  If you have given your 100% during preparation, there should not be an iota of worry or remorse if the outcome is unfavorable. Try giving the best input, and get detached from the output.

I would like to conclude by making the following points:

  • There are certain realities that must not be overlooked upon and the scores are one of them. No matter you agree with the assessment criteria or not if you are the part of assessment, try to score the highest you can. Scores are certainly the determinant of your fate.
  • Efforts, not scores should be the cause of your remorse. If you have strived up to your full potential then you should not worry if the result is not as per your expectation. Reassess yourself and bounce back without any regret or remorse.
  • Forget not to appreciate yourself and your life. Every second comes not to come back ever again. So enjoy every moment to the fullest.