2020’s New Disease Outbreak || ‘Brain-Eating Amoeba’ Found In Fresh waters of Texas

With 2020 still on calendar, another outbreak of disease doesn’t shocks us anymore. Texas is alarmed after Brain-Eating amoeba kills a six year old boy. Death was due to an infection that is caused by the microscopic amoeba “Naegleria Fowleri”, it breeds in fresh water of lakes and rivers, it has also been found in swimming pools that were not maintained properly according the US Media Reports.

2020’s New Disease Outbreak || ‘Brain-Eating Amoeba’ Found In Fresh waters of Texas
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According to the US News, Brain eating amoeba has been discovered, and it has already killed a 6year old boy- Josiah McIntyre. Naegleria Fowleri- is the scientific name of the disease causing amoeba.

As per the news following up from Houston, United States, The Government has issued a declaration after the child’s death on 8th Sept., about this disease causing amoeba that was found in the community’s water supply.

When the amoeba enters any body through the nasal, it penetrates to the brain. Later it causes huge migraine, stiff neck, hyperthermia, and also vomiting followed by dizziness, extreme fatigue and hallucinations. Death typically occurs within 12 days as per the reports of CBS.


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After the enquiry led locally at the boy’s location, traces of amoeba were found in the garden hose of his house and in the fountain of the town centre and also in the fire hydrant just 1 hour away from the city

The Grandparents of Josiah informed that he might have procured the disease while he was playing in a Splash Park, just before he fell ill. 

Later the splash park has been closed and several towns in Brazoria County, the locations where Lake Jackson is, residents are advised to avoid using tap water for drinking, bathing or cooking. Not to use without boiling them. 

Greg Abbott-Texas Governor has issued a disaster declaration on Sunday for Brazoria County, which also includes Lake Jackson. This declaration allows the authorities to use the extra state resources due to an emergency.