Computer Fundamental Basic MCQs (Long Quiz) (Part 1)

This is the quiz about basics of Computer Fundamental . Students and new learner's can test their knowledge.

1. A process is a _______.

single thread of execution.
program in the execution

2. What is smallest unit of the information?

A bit
A byte

3. What is the term for a temporary storage area that compensates for differences in data rate and data flow between devices?


4. How many color dots make up one color pixel on a screen?


5. Which of the following is the smallest visual element on a video monitor?


6. Which of the following natural element is the primary element in computer chips?


7. Which of the following programs enables you to calculate numbers related to rows and columns?

Window program
Spreadsheet program

8. Which of the following is a structured programming technique that graphically represents the detailed steps required to solve a program?


9. Which of the following is an output device?

Light pen
VDU (Visual Display Unit)

10. Which of the following is an input device?


11. Which of the following is the extension of Notepad?


12. BIOS is used?

By operating system
By compiler

13. What is the mean of the Booting in the system?

Restarting computer
Install the program

14. The central processing unit is located in the _____.

Hard disk
System unit

15. Which one of the following groups contains graphical file extensions?


16. Which type of program acts as an intermediary between a user of a computer and the computer hardware?

Operating system
User thread

17. What kind of language can computer understand?

Computer language
Assembly language

18. What is the speed of computer measured in?


19. What is the full form of RAM?

Random Access Memory
Remote Access Memory

20. What is the full form of DRAM?

Dynamic Remote Access Memory
Dynamic Random-Access Memory

21. ) Which one of the following software applications would be the most appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations?

Graphics package

22. Which of the following is not considered hardware?

Operating system

23. Which of the following is exclusively a sequential access storage device?

Magnetic tape

24. Akshat has created a story of ten pages, but only wants to print the first two pages. Which printer command should he choose?

Print all
Print from 1 to 2

25. What is the full form of SRAM?

Static Random-Access Memory
Static Remote-Access Memory

26. What is the full form of USB?

Unidentified System Bus
Universal System Bus

27. Which one of the following is not a form of data storage media?

A database
Magnetic tape

28. What is five main components of a computer system?

Modem, Keyboard, Word Processor, Printer, Screen
CPU, Memory, System bus, Input, Output

29. Which of the following numbers is a binary number?

2 and 0
0 and 1

30. Which of the following would be the correct description for WORM virus?

It infects the boot sector.
It propagates through the internet and e-mail.