Fortnite and the SCI-FI behind it

In this post, you will know about How fortnite works and how fortnite relates to real science. You will also get to know about the mysterious zero-point energy and how to harness it.

Fortnite and the SCI-FI behind it



As you know in the last 3 years Fortnite has been a very top-grossing game. Everyone talks about it, but what makes it more interesting is the Storyline.

Fortnite is a battle royale based on Science and it’s very cool, the story revolves around the island, not as in most games where the story is mostly about characters. Fortnite uses environmental storytelling                                     

The story includes a mysterious unlimited energy holding orb called The Zero point 

Which apparently is a real thing at least in quantum physics. It is described as the lowest point of energy in the universe, it exists everywhere as it makes up quantum vacuum energy (fundamental particles have so much more energy than macroscopic objects as they build everything) which is a special case of zero-point energy.

Everyone thinks a vacuum is empty but it is never empty if you look below the level of atoms protons electrons and into the level of subatomic particles like quarks you can say that space is never empty there are virtual particles that pop in and out of existence, what makes it interesting is that these particles generate energy that we could use.

According to quantum field theory, the vacuum of space holds an infinite amount of it

And based on this Fortnite has made its storyline, where the zero-point is used to create a simulation, each match lasts for 22 minutes until it ends and starts again as a time loop does.


You might get a question in your mind thinking that “If it exists then why can’t we use it?”. The answer to that question is The Quantum Vacuum energy is already stable (in equilibrium) for harnessing this energy we need to introduce disequilibrium and as the second law of thermodynamics states the universe would try to fill that energy hole of the disequilibrium and then we could extract that energy.

In fact, there is one way to do this with the Casimir effect

The Casimir effect is a small attractive force that acts between two close parallel uncharged conducting plates. It is caused by quantum vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field. ... The Casimir effect comes from a difference of energies in which the infinities cancel and lowers the vacuum energy. But to extract the energy you need to pull the plates apart again, this takes as much energy as you originally gained.