Top 5 Freelance Websites To Boost Your Career In 2021

Freelance jobs in 2020 painted 35% of the workforce in the U.S. To find the best online freelance jobs, you’ve to create your online portfolio and explore the world of online jobs.

Jun 27, 2021 - 22:59
Jun 27, 2021 - 18:38
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Top 5 Freelance Websites To Boost Your Career In 2021

This pandemic has lead us to live a life where getting a job is beyond the bounds of possibilities. Not even people, but many companies also face a shortage of employees to subsist with the word load. Thus there are plenty of websites that are inducting many freelancers to keep up with their work.

Freelance or freelancer is a term used for a person who is self-employed and not obligated to a single organization or company. Freelance jobs in 2020 painted 35% of the workforce in the U.S. To find the best online freelance jobs, you’ve to create your online portfolio but it can be a very mind-boggling task to infest the best of them.

To help you in this, we’ve included in this article the top 8 Freelance Websites that can boost your career in 2021.


Notice certain things before choosing a Freelance Website:

Certain factors are important to notice to ensure that the website is dependable, worthy of trust and reputed. Here is a list of some of them:

  1. Individual support and assistance: The website supplies individual support and assistance to act as a guide for users and help them to settle down any conflict.
  2. Terms and Conditions: This factor safeguards the company's privacy and the employees via documented terms and conditions.

  3. System of payments: The freelance websites have a system where payments are done through online methods like UPI transfer, direct bank transfers etc…


To avoid any fraud, remember to crosscheck the website two to three times before putting in an application to that website.

Top 5 Freelance Websites:


It is a freelancing website that asseverates to have 3% of the world’s best freelancers. It is a network for software developers, website designers, financial advisors, managers etc… It is quite tough to get your account validated in Toptal but if you succeed in doing that, you’ll get to work with some real professionals. You need to clear a screening test for the validation of your account and once you clear it, you’ll start getting projects.

Characteristic features:

  1. 2-week free trial service
  2. Legit placement procedure

Cost: $60 starting price



One of the best freelancing websites for writers, graphic designers, programmers etc… Here people get smaller projects to complete by which they get a chance to firm their portfolios to come in contact with the professionals. It is a website where you can even trade-in with online servicing. Services provided by Fiverr covers more than 200 categories. You just have to give 20% of your trade to Fiverr as a commission.

Characteristic features:

  1. Offers customers for trade
  2. Free courses are also available to enhance your skills

Cost: Starting from $5.0 to $995 per project plus 20% commission on every trade you make



It is a global marketplace that links freelancers to their clients nationally as well as internationally. It is formed after two great platforms merged to form a single platform: oDesk and Elance. This website has a huge range of online jobs in different categories. To begin working with Upwork, make a profile including all about yourself and your expertise and your experience in the field of your choice. Upwork will then find projects matching your profile through its extended search options.

Characteristic features:

  1. Well-organized search options
  2. Secured payments

Cost: 10% for every earning b/w $500 to $10,000

         20% for your first earning


Best site to find a local employment option as it is the oldest of all. This website is open for web designers, software developers, digital marketing and services, content writers etc. You may also explore a wide variety of jobs in the legal sector, engineering department, marketing, and logo designing.  You just need to build a perfect profile and starts applying for the jobs of your interest.

Characteristic features:

  1. Very low-priced commission fees
  2. Unlimited projects available

Cost: Commission fees collected once after accepting a project i.e 15%

         Fixed 10% fees for a project done hourly



It is a worldwide website that provides job opportunities to freelancers on an hourly basis. The job you chose is carried out in a form of assignments assigned to you with a time deadline and you need to complete your assignment within the given deadline. It also works as a buying and selling platform where you can find local and regional buyers and sellers for your services and products.

Like any other freelancing website, you also need to create a smart profile including all your proficiencies and experiences to attract projects and clients' attention.

Characteristic features:

  1. Automatic invoice
  2. Safe and sound payments

Cost: Offers 15 free of charge bids per month

         Take 20% of the service fee for every $350 earned



The above mentioned are the top 5 freelance websites you can use to find a suitable job of your choice. Dig deep into these websites and expand your reach to professionals and clients to boost your career in 2021as a freelancer. Just build a smart profile and explore the world of online jobs.

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