Online Jobs from Home Without Any Investment

Online jobs are the need of the hour as most of us are stuck inside our homes. So working from home is the only option we have today to fulfil our needs.

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Online Jobs from Home Without Any Investment

So you are good at something??

Then why do it free. Most people want to earn money but without any investment which is quite justified. So in this article, I will suggest some best online work from home jobs without any investment.

Let's take a step forward towards earning money without spending any penny.


1. Virtual Assistant :

This is a type of job where a virtual assistant works distantly. Online businesses and entrepreneurs need these types of employees for managing social media and their promotions. Also, virtual assistants are required by those who don’t want to spend money on office staff and space.

Virtual assistants can do any type of work that a normal office worker can do.

Work done by Virtual assistants:

  1. Private tasks like reserving hotels and restaurants for clients
  2. Research work
  3. Promotions of the business and social media handling
  4. Checking office emails
  5. Scheduling calendars
  6. Content writing

In India, you can be charged about 200-300/hour for this job

Internationally, $15-$20/hour can be charged. Just build a smart portfolio of yours including all the skills you have.


2. Freelancing:

Freelancer is a term used for a person who is self-employed and not obligated to a single organization or company.

There are so many online websites that are reputed and worth trusting to start as a freelancer. Here is a link to the 5 best freelancing websites: 

There are plenty of freelancing jobs such as:

  1. Freelance writer
  2. Software developers
  3. Website designers
  4. Graphic and logo designers
  5. Social media managers
  6. Proofreaders
  7. Video editors
  8. Translator
  9. Narrator
  10. Legal department


3. Content Writing:

Content writing is putting down your thoughts onto paper in proper grammatical structures. If you love writing then you can also earn money through writing for companies and organisations.

In content writing, you create articles and blogs for websites to give information about the company, online promotions and even informing people about the company or organisations you are working for.

A lot of companies and websites charge on a per word basis and others may charge on a per-project basis.

Best Content writing jobs include:

  1. Blogger: Today almost every business has its existence online and to extend their business they require the best and quality writers. Here is an article link that will help you to earn money through blogging.
    Learn to earn money with your blog in 2021? (

  2. Copywriters: Copywriting is error-free writing aims at magnifying business reputation and brand recognition.

  3. Business writers: It is a type of professional writing and doesn’t include informal language. Editing is the most essential part of business writing where you have to mould your editing to make direct formal contact with the clients.

  4. Editorial writers: These are articles that cover recent issues. These are the editorials for magazines and newspapers giving information about current topics.

  5. Transcribers: These are the writers who convert an audio recording into a written form. Listening with patience and typing at a high speed are skills required for this job.

There are a lot more like these writings. You have to do a little research and find your area of interest.


4. Tutors:


There is no best job than being a teacher. In these tough times, online teaching is in the most demand. If you are good at transferring your knowledge to others, then online teaching is just meant for you. You just need to have a Graduation degree to get fulfil the essential qualifications.

The best-recommended websites for online teaching are:

  • There is no interview procedure on this website. Only you should have a strong portfolio with all your experiences and skills. There are 50+ subjects available on this site from where you can choose your strong area of knowledge.   

  • Udemy: It was founded in 2009 and now it is a very famous website for online teaching and learning. This website is different from other tutoring sites because here you create the course of your interest and students who wish to learn will buy your course. There are more than 30000 tutors and 150million students on this website.


  • A Uk based website on which you just need to build a smart profile and your subject specialisation. You can also add your experiences if any. The charges are based on per hour criteria. You can put your own rates here but TutorHub charges 25% as a commission.
  • Vedantu: People from India have a great opportunity to find online teaching jobs on this website. A 5 steps procedure is followed to be an online tutor on this website.

5. Data Entry Jobs:

This type of job is available both in online and offline mode. Data entry is a process of converting or processing given data from one type to another. To get this job, you only require a good internet connection and an email account. Also, you must have a great typing speed as the work is purely based on typing data.

Some of the top websites offering data entry jobs are:

  • 2CAPTCHA       

6. Earn money from Instagram:

Instagram these days have emerged as a leading platform to make money and become famous. You just need to find a little more effort and keep consistency about your ideas and your niche. Once you are successful in having many audiences on your profile, they will bring fame and money to you in no time.

Below I am providing a link to understand the procedure to become an Instagram famous. 

Conclusion: There are thousands of online jobs offered by companies across the globe but to put all of them in a sole article is quite difficult. I hope I have helped you to find at least some of them. Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.