The Actual Stages of a Man's Infatuation

Men and women experience falling in love in different ways. Women are moved and believe we have found our "prince charming" right away, but men have a very different reaction. Since they mostly function instinctively and are motivated by the attraction to the opposite gender, they do not immediately experience feelings. Later, when they get to know you and your unique charms and qualities, love and commitment come. Here, we will explain the stages of falling in love to you so that you do not exhaust yourself trying to comprehend why you see a fairy tale happy ending with a veil and a crown, while he acts as if feelings are unimportant. Don't give up; yours will be the one that finishes the process and drops at your feet.

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1. The First Thing You Notice is the Physical

The First Thing You Notice is the Physical

Men are instinctive and fundamental, as we've previously stated. Physical attraction will always define the initial step of approaching you, and it happens quickly without passing through filters that suggest logic or that include some degree of affection.

Never assume that he will value your big heart or your noble feelings right away because he is drawn to you because of the way you look. This does not imply that you must be a top model or have Barbie-esque proportions, as each man has a different concept of what constitutes beautiful.

Others are drawn to slender ladies, while others like curvy women, while still others like the short-haired, intellectual-looking women with their spectacles.Deep stare eyes, a cunning mole, or a seductive grin are a few examples of the "I don't know what" that men frequently mention when they are asked what draws them to a woman. Other people focus on a feature and that is what captures their attention.

2. Discover or “Feel” the Terrain

Discover or “Feel” the Terrain

The majority of male gender representatives are frightened of losing in the area of love. They begin a sort of game with the female they are drawn to in order to avoid the awkward situation that would make them feel rejected.

They investigate or feel the ground they walk on in between forays and retreats to see how sturdy it is. This investigation includes the "casual" touch of a hand and the physical approach without really touching but from a distance that suggests trust.

If the man's advances are rejected, he can back off without damaging his ego. Exploration is a resource that is frequently used because it enables them to recover undamaged from their failed courtship. The male can withdraw without hurting his ego if his advances are turned down. Because it allows them to recuperate unscathed from their failed courting, exploration is a resource that is regularly exploited.It's important to realise that you have the ability to accept or reject the signals of interest he is sending you at this point.

3. It is Observed Constantly.

It is Observed Constantly.

You will notice the turn in the situation as soon as you show that you are open to an approach because your gallant will be ready to attract your attention at all costs to eliminate any prospective opponent from the game.

This man will even be able to attend the opera, even though he despises it, because he is at the point where he is trying to convince you that he is the best and that you should pick him above the other men in the gender.At this point, he will show you all of his attractions, and you risk falling hopelessly in love. 

4. The Objective is to Astound You.

The Objective is to Astound You.

constantly keeping an eye on you, anticipating your needs, bringing you gifts, and making you feel special.

He employs all of his mathematical prowess while you are putting your heart into it to dazzle you and break down all of your barriers.

He makes an effort to reinforce his view of himself as a victor, but he avoids becoming overly invested. Remember that one aspect of man that stands out, as we previously stated, is his fear of rejection.It's crucial that you hide the fact that you're about to become engulfed in a tornado of love if you want to maintain your emotional security. He might think you are no longer an interesting challenge if he feels secure in his abilities. Draw them in with a hint of nonchalance, but without being excessive.

5. In an Effort to Win your Love, He will Do Everything.

In an Effort to Win your Love, He will Do Everything.

For a man, falling in love is really important, thus before putting all of his feelings into a relationship, he will try his hardest to make you fall in love with him first. At this point, he will demonstrate all of his potential as a good partner and will accept new challenges that demonstrate why he would make an excellent partner for you, both now and in the future.

He will gradually set aside his reservations if he realises that you have already fallen in love, allowing him to "relax" and continue the adventure with you. Don't, however, give them complete control of the circumstance. Keep in mind that they enjoy challenges and success in conquering obstacles.

6. Your Authentic Self Emerges

Your Authentic Self Emerges

He has so far demonstrated to the fullest extent his capacity to satisfy and make happy even the most demanding of women, i.e., you, throughout the entire process of courting you.

Because he committed himself to proving that conquest is what you have always desired, his genuine tastes have been obscured and pushed to the side.

His genuine personality, though, cannot be hidden for long and will begin to emerge now that he is aware of your love for him.

You need to be ready for this because you now know that he actually prefers watching baseball or football games to going to the opera.

Not all girls will agree to this situation.

Not all females can handle this since the "prince charming" suddenly reveals that he is a simple mortal, with tastes just like everyone else's and preferences that are far more commonplace and less fantastical.But you need a real man at your side to tackle life's obstacles as a team.The pair has a chance to move on and consolidate if they are able to get over what we would refer to as "crunch time." If not, now is the moment to make choices that won't cause anyone to feel upset.

7. Accept that Love has Prevailed.

Accept that Love has Prevailed.

Man finally lets down his barriers and defensive system and admits that he was captured by love once he has passed "the moment of truth" and feels accepted for who he is.

This stage can be incredibly fascinating because all of his protective male traits will emerge—not in the negative sense of the word, as the person who dominates his partner, but rather in his sense of being the one who takes on the responsibility of keeping an eye on and caring for what he loves, which is you.Now, when he brings flowers or gifts, it won't just be to impress you; instead, he'll do it because he actually loves you and wants to show it to you.