Top 10 Beaches of the Costa Tropical, Andalucia, Spain

Where to find the best beaches in the Costa Tropical, Andalucia, Spain

Aug 16, 2021 - 13:36
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Top 10 Beaches of the Costa Tropical, Andalucia, Spain

Costa Tropical is a true beach paradise where the sun shines for more than 320 days in a year and the climate is sub-tropical. This beach destination in Andalucía attracts travelers from all over Spain and other countries across the world closer to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. There are many people who come down to get a glimpse of the shimmering blue waters while others seek silence and peace. Then there are the adventure lovers who come looking to enjoy different types of water sports from beach volleyball to swimming in the deep waters, deep sea diving and of course riding the gentle waves.


There are several beaches in Costa Tropical, Andalucía and some of them are the finest in Spain and Europe. Let’s take a look at the top 10 beaches here:

The La Herradura beach (Granada)

This beach is situated in Granada and you can always drive down by car. It is an extremely beautiful and clean beach although it has been formed from two nudist beaches. This doesn’t mean that non-nudists are not allowed. In fact, you will find both nudists as well as non-nudists having their sun and tan at the beach. The transparent water attracts many scuba divers.

Length of the beach: 340m

Type of terrain: Coarse Gravel

Type of waves: Still

La Calaza

This beach is situated in the Herradura region of Costa tropical and the entire beach is made from a series of small coves. It is a place where you can relax and find mental peace. The environment is stimulating and un-crowded.

Length of the beach: 50m

Type of terrain: Rocky Area

Type of waves: Still

lmuñécar (Granada)

The Imunecar beach situated in Granada offers some of the most spectacular views in the region. You can take a walk down the beach to the Bajio Cove or you can spend time watching people drive their boats into the sea for fishing. There is an asphalted road all along the beach and you will find many local eateries lines up.

Length of the beach: 200m

Type of terrain: Fine Gravel

Type of waves: Still

Cabria (Almuñécar)

The Cabria beach has a unique aspect to it: the sand here is dark grey in color and has sugarcane plantations around the beach. You have seen palm fringed beaches, this is the one and only sugar cane fringed beach in the world. There are two parts of the beach, one is the promenade that offers views of the Almuñecar while the other part is the sandy coastline from where you can enjoy the refreshing blue waters of the sea.

Length of the beach: 330m

Type of terrain: Coarse Gravel

Type of waves: Still

El Muerto, Almuñécar (Granada)

Two beaches have been joined together to form the El Muerto beach and are seperated by a promenade, which can also be reached from the Cotobro Beach. The Cotobro is classified as a nudist beach. The El Muerto beach is open to nudists as well as non-nudists and is one of the most natural and unspoiled beaches in the area.

Length of the beach: 580m

Type of terrain: Coarse Gravel

Type of waves: Still


Some of the other top beaches include the Barranco de en Medio (Almuñécar), San Cristobel (Almuñécar), Calabajio (Almuñécar), Ensenada de los Berengueles (Almuñécar) and Tesorillo  (Almuñécar).