48th Indian Navy Day 2020: 4th December|Let’s Take A Moment To Express Our Gratitude

India commemorates the 48th Indian Navy Day, the day that marks the Indian Navy’s Operation Trident that took place in the 1971.The naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces; the Indian Navy is led by the Indian President as Commander-in-Chief. Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhonsle, Maratha Emperor of the 17th century is considered as “Father of the Indian Navy”.

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48th Indian Navy Day 2020: 4th December|Let’s Take A Moment To Express Our Gratitude
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Indian Navy Day is celebrated by a lot of people in order to spread knowledge and awareness about the armed forces of our Indian Navy who put their lives on risk in order to protect people of our country without second thoughts. Navy people work on the ship for about so many months defending and savings lives of the people of this country. On this day, 4th Dec 1971, Indian Navy left its shores for the first time successfully to attack Pakistan, in order to defend our country. During this India- Pakistan War, around 300 soldiers died and 700 were injured, this operation is called as Operation Trident.

Tribute Song For Indian Navy:

We celebrate Indian Navy Day to pay our respects to the navy people who put in their hard works and struggle facing all the odds in a ship on the ocean to protect the people of the country. We salute to their sacrifices and efforts.

To know more about the Operation Trident watch the video:


Watch Indian Navy Day 2019 celebration with the theme of “Indian Navy – Silent, Strong and Swift.”:

Indian Navy plays crucial role by safeguarding the borders of the marine of the Indian country and to develop International Relationship between other countries by the exercises of the Joint, protecting seaport, providing relief from the natural calamities, missions of the humanitarian, etc. Indian Navy marks its position in the areas of the Indian Ocean to gather Intel and protect the country from enemies attack.

Indian Navy’s strength includes- Carrier Aircraft, Dock of the Big Transport, Destroyers of the eight guided Missile, 24 Corvettes, 1 Submarine of the Nuclear Attack, 7 Countermeasure Vessels Mine, 30 Vessels of the Patrol, etc. and much more.

Ceremony of the Wreath Laying is held at the Memorial War, and It is followed by the Demonstration Operation to display the Ability and Resource of the Aircrafts, Ships as well as Unique Forces.

Navy People a lot of important tasks for the Country, and they give their whole life’s existence for the betterment and protection of the people from the enemy countries. They deserves all our respect








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