8 Signs: Your Partner Is Losing Interest In You

A relationship is like chewing gum. The sweetness in the beginning gradually declines with time. This stage is very common in today's relationships. Here are some points for reference that will let you know about your partner's losing interest in you.

Sep 14, 2022 - 12:22
Sep 17, 2022 - 10:24
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1. Dearth of spark

Dearth of spark

When your partner is physically present with you but not mentally. It is similar to a kid who is physically present in the classroom for attendance but mentally busy with the stuff that attracts him/her more than the lectures.

For instance: When you meet your partner, they spend most of their time either scrolling feeds or chatting with their friends.

2. Lack of initiative

Lack of initiative

They don’t initiate any communications with you. Mere Replies to your messages wouldn’t be counted as good communication.

For instance: You are the one who always asks to meet, texts good morning/ night messages, call them, starts any conversation, and your partner just responds to your messages.

3. Hides Relationship status

Hides Relationship status

If they don’t like to introduce you to their friends or family. This simply means they are not sure about you.

For instance: They pretend to be single in front of their friends and hide their relationship status from people, especially from a guy in case of a girlfriend or from a girl in case of a boyfriend.

4. Demands Privacy all time

Demands Privacy all time

There is a difference between space and privacy. Space means their me-time but privacy involves secrets. While in relationships, there is no space for secrets. If they demand privacy all time, it means something is fishy.

For instance: when you touch their phone, they become angry or when you ask for passwords they make lame excuses, or they avoid you and don’t bother about clearing your doubts or concerns about your feelings.

5. Avoids making any future plans

Avoids making any future plans

Every couple makes future plans in short do moon-shine talks about their marriage, destination honeymoons, photoshoots, trips, interior decorations, etc. For a long-lasting and spark in relationship, every couple must have some couple goals.

For instance- Your partner avoids any conversations related to marriage or makes any future plans in which you are included.

6. No sacrifices

No sacrifices

Relation needs efforts in a similar way to a seed that needs care and endeavor to grow. A healthy relationship needs more sacrifices than love. Sacrificing doesn’t mean neglecting your feelings for the happiness of your partner, it just means sacrificing some precious time for each other or setting aside your ego. But if they stopped putting effort that means in nearly future, they will give up on the relationship.

For instance: They make silly excuses for not being able to meet, text, or call you. Pretends to be busy for you but hanging out with friends, sleeping or doing other unimportant kinds of stuff.

7. No Questions

No Questions

The one who likes you is always curious to know about you, your family, your friends, your lifestyle, your future plans, your day, your hobbies, your likes/dislikes, etc.

For instance: If he/she never asks anything about you or your interests, then it’s a red flag for his/her lack of interest in you.

8. No Jealousy

No Jealousy

The person who truly loves you will always be insecure about your closeness with any other guy/girl. Jealousy is the first sign of true love. If your partner is not possessive of you then he/she is not serious about you.

For instance: Your partner doesn’t bother about with whom you hang out, chat or post stuffs.