Importance Of Boundaries In A Relationship

We all take boundaries by nature as a negative word but it plays a major role in anyone's life. Boundaries do not mean to bound yourself, it means to settle yourself for things which you agree or disagree with. If a person knows their boundaries in a relationship it will lead to a healthy and long lasting relationship. It not only counts romantic relationships but any relation of your life for example family, friends or colleagues. Boundaries will make them stronger and clear.

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1. Saying In Which You Are Comfortable.

Saying In Which You Are Comfortable.

People usually, to gain attention or to maintain the likeness they start pretending things. Which is not correct eventually, that will frustrate you and ruin your relationship as your ideology is different.

2. Don't Assume That People Know Your Boundaries

Don't Assume That People Know Your Boundaries

Always tell things in which you are comfortable or not even ask also. Don't assume people know it, just because they spend time with you or are close to you. You have to tell them to be clear which will lead to a healthy relationship.

3. Learn To Be Independent And Not Co-Dependent.

Learn To Be Independent And Not Co-Dependent.

Enjoy your own company, remember who does not love themselves they can not love anyone. Sometimes go on solo dates, have coffee with yourself and do things which you like. Don't depend on someone for your enjoyment or happiness.

4. Expectations


You have to be clear what expectations you have from each other in a relationship,set your roles and work on it.

5. Financial Or Career Boundary

Financial Or Career Boundary

Sometimes people in love switch their career for their partners just to be around them but this is not correct. You should be very clear when it comes to your career or finance. You should be realistic when it comes to your financial future.

6. Family Boundaries

Family Boundaries

One should have a boundary with family where to draw the line between interaction and interference. One should definitely interact with family but make sure it does not convert into interference. Helping is another thing but getting involved in family personal issues may not be likeable by everyone.

7. Make And Respect Your Decisions

Make And Respect Your Decisions

Paramount thing is decision making and decision making is also a task, you should not make any decision in haste, take your time, and after making it value your decisions and words. People will only take it seriously or respect it if you will. Also, remember it is a two way thing to respect your and others' decisions. 

8. Communication


As they say, communication is the key to success. Tell about your feelings and open up yourself with your loved ones, communicate and express yourself, your likeness or dislikeness. This will help your closed ones to understand you better and it will improve your relationship a lot.