10 Definite Body Language Signs That They Like You

Liking someone but not knowing whether they feel the same for you or not and you are really shy to ask them. So exactly what to do in this cliff hanger situation ? How to know if they like you or not ? But do you know body language is also a language which says a lot about how a person feels. As they say “Action speaks louder than words” so if he/she have these signs than definitely they like you.

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1. If They Looks At You

If They Looks At You

If you like someone and want to know whether they like you back or not always observe their eyes. If you have seen them watching you very often. Or they look at you from corner of the eye, then congratulations they definitely find you attractive. Apparently whosoever we like, we always want to see them intentionally or unintentionally. Our eyes always want to see things which we find beautiful and attractive. So if they look at you often they are maybe interested in you.

2. They Mirror You

They Mirror You

We always like to mirror things which we like whether it’s a famous phrase or any movie character. Just like that if someone likes you, you will notice they mirror your gestures, phrase or body language. Which indirectly tells you that they are into you, we never copy someone whom we don’t like.

3. Watch There Foot

Watch There Foot

According to a survey we are most likely to point our feet’s towards the way we want to go or our next move would be. For example if you are in a hurry to go somewhere your feet’s will point towards the door without your knowledge as it is your instincts that is telling you to do so. Same when someone is interested in you they will point there feet towards you, which is a good sign.

4. They Lean Towards You

They Lean Towards You

You will notice that when you are talking to someone they unintentionally lean towards you to hear you carefully or to pay all their attention to you. That is when you know that somebody likes you. Now this body language is a sign of likeness, that person is interested in what you are saying but not necessarily means that they are romantically involved in you but at least they like you, as they want to give you their whole attention.

5. They Feel Nervous Around You

They Feel Nervous Around You

One of the most obvious and cute sign is being nervous around you. As the person is trying not to show his or her  inner feelings to you so they try to act normal and cool. But a good observer will catch them being nervous. It is obvious when we are around someone we like we get butterflies in our stomach. We get nervous in away not to show our feelings.

6. They Smile

They Smile

Whenever you meet them they give you a big smile or at least there teeth’s are visible which is a very positive sign of someone liking you. It means that they are happy an excited when they see you that’s why they are giving you a full face smile.

7. They Follow You On Social Media

They Follow You On Social Media

As now days social media plays an important role in our lives. It has become a daily part of our lives. And makes easier to judge if a person likes you or not. If they follow you on social media and likes your previous posts they are definitely into you. And if they are always replying to your stories or commenting on your recent Posts. Then they are trying to make a conversation with you. If they always do it, they are very shy to say so they are showing it and even trying to know whether you are interested or not so if you are make sure to show it. 

8. They Talk About You

They Talk About You

When we like something any car, animal or food we talk about it. Same with person we like we will always talk about them indirectly or directly. We are always curious to know what others think about that person or what others know about that person which you don’t. So if you heard you are being a topic of discussion positively then yes! They are interested in you.

9. They Are Curious When It Comes To You

They Are Curious When It  Comes To You

We always want to talk and want know the people we like. If you have observed that your crush is asking a lot of questions about you, it’s because they want to know you and not just for the sake of conversation going on. So now pay extra attention when you guys are talking.

10. They Touch You

They Touch You

Last but not the least, if you like someone and want to know they like you back of not always pay attention to the level of intimacy they have with you. Not in a creepy way but in a healthy way. When someone likes us they always touches us it can be intentionally or unintentionally. A gentle touch on wrist shoulder can be a sign of unintentional physical contact.