Top Advantages and Disadvantages of E-learning for Your Training

Top Advantages and Disadvantages of E-learning for Your Training


It is beyond the bounds of possibility to imagine today’s world without making use of the internet. Just clicking and learning something new every day from the internet is an easy way of learning these days.

E-learning defines itself as learning administered via electronic media, usually with a computer and internet or CD-ROM.

Pharmaceutical Industry, Banking and Finance Industry, Education are some of the standard sectors making use of E-learning. Now, let's debate over some of the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning:

1) Advantages of E-learning:

  1. Individualised Learning: It helps you choose a personalized route for your course and gain knowledge at your own speed.
  2. Reserves time and money: You can program your timetable and can learn at your befitting time. It enriches self-motivation. Moreover, E-learning unties you from paying off for travelling and others charges involved in physical learning. Thus, it extricates your time and money.
  3. Broad access to learning: One of the most beneficial features of e-learning is that learner can study and learn anything from anywhere in the world. There is broad access to learning especially for those who desire to study from different countries and in distinct languages. There are plenty of online courses present to students that can help them in building their future.
  4. Vantage to sit and learn the material: E-learning gives vantage to students and office employees to sit and relax at home and learn the material during this tough time of Covid. Students are relaxed from the chaos of getting up early for classes and employees are comforted by doing their work from home. Online tasks allot people time to point on other kinds of stuff important to them like hobbies, part-time jobs etc.. and to elapse time with their family members.
  5. Budget-Friendly: E-learning just needs an electronic gadget and a good internet connection. That’s it. All the learning stuff is gettable to you in one or two clicks. Thus, companies and educational institutions don’t need to waste money on building’s infrastructure and other services. Meetings and classes can be set from anywhere without any budget preparations.
  6. Prevents paper wastage: E-learning reduces the stress on the use of paper as most of the work is done via online files and PDFs. Books are also receivable as E-books thus paper production is reduced to a smaller extent and thus, its misuse too.

2) Disadvantages of E-learning:

  1. Less human interaction: Human interaction is quite restricted in E-learning. You get a bit of luck to confront your workmates, teachers, and class-fellows, resulting in more social isolation.
  2. Up to date technology is a must: E-learning can only be achieved when you are well-equipped with technology. You must be enlightened with all the technological tools of Laptop/PC/Mobile. Otherwise, you need to find an alternative for yourself. All the applications, as well as software, should be updated to make better use of them. It is the most extensive hurdle in the path of E-learning.
  3. Lack of discipline: E-learning provides a benefit of learning at your own rate which can be stimulating to self-discipline but this feature can be disadvantageous to some.
  4. Less practical work: E-learning allows us to learn a lot of things in no time but it also takes you on a journey where you only focus on theory. There is no practical/manual work like conducting experiments in the laboratories or put forward a presentation in the office physically. It plays a part in keeping down self-confidence and can develop a fear of stage.
  5. Unprivileged are deprived of E-learning: E-learning is only accessible to those who have electronic gadgets and internet connection. Thus, the unprivileged originating from a rural fraction of the society are deprived of it. It was thus far a challenge to impart education to this section of people in normal physical schools before lockdown and now online classes made it more difficult to achieve this goal resulting in the unprivileged engaging in labour and illiteracy.
  6. Health concerns: Too much time spent in front of electronic gadgets such as mobiles, laptops etc.. can dominate too many health-related concerns such as weak eyesight, migraine, lethargy, BP etc.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that despite being disadvantageous, E-learning is an absolute necessity. It has given wings to many dreamers to achieve their goals. It made it feasible to continue with work and studies during the lockdown. You just need to oversee the utilization of the technology for your learning and betterment.