Why should we delete our inactive digital accounts? And how?

Not erasing our inactive digital accounts may lead to theft and misuse of personal information and data. Here's HOW and WHY we should delete our digital accounts which are currently not in use.

Why should we delete our inactive digital accounts? And how?

Nevertheless, the thought of deleting your inactive digital accounts must have had never occurred to you. It's high time, we make ourselves aware of the vitalness of deleting digital accounts that are currently not in use or claimed inactively.

Inactive digital accounts are prone to hackers and any information that you've left could leave you vulnerable to identity theft, additional account takeover, financial loss, etc. Inactive digital account are required to be deleted, not doing so leads to misuse or stealing of data. Deleting online accounts that are not in use is the best way to keep your personal information and data secure.  

When you register on a digital site, you insert your personal details accessible to the public and open to all. After a certain period of time you stop using it on a regular basis and later on the account turns into an inactive account but the personal details registered on the site remains there until you delete your account officially.

A large portion of netizens are not concerned with deleting their account or withdrawing their personal info and the account remains inactive from which the hackers can withdraw personal information and data which they might misuse further.

"Information is power". Due to slight carelessness on the internet, the information showcased by you on the internet today might be harmful to you in future. The personal data of millions of people are being compromised and sold in exchange for the buck. 

According to recent research in the year 2019, 285 cases of data to be reported across India.  3.2 million cases of Identity theft and digital fraud were reported across the world.

Being on digital platforms requires a proper understanding of what should be showcased and what should be kept inside a private radius. Several people out there on the internet hiding behind monitor are in search of a chance to gain access to your personal information and data and misuse it for their benefits, because as stated before "information is power" in this digital world. 

Deleting your inactive account is not an easy task it requires a lot of digging and patience. Here's a short clip to guide you to get your inactive account deleted and secure your personal information.

But according to the changes made by  Google due to increasing cases of cybercrimes in recent days, deleting your inactive google account will be a lot simpler. Also in accordance with this new policy from June 1, 2021, and by June 1, 2023 (which means after two years)   Google will be deleting users data from Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Jamboard, Gmail, Photos, Drawings, Forms and Sites if the accounts have been inactive.

Hence it is extremely necessary to delete your inactive digital account in order to keep yourself out of the radius of identity theft and avoid being a victim of cybercrime.