Ten Super-Easy And Natural Antidotes For Common Cold and Cough

Starting from Ayurveda to Mom's secret remedies for treating cold and cough, we know a lot of natural antidotes. Here, I present you the top easily available and natural remedies to deal with our common cold and flu which is super effective and contains a lot of beneficial properties in it as well.

Carrot Juice
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1. Carrot Juice

After reading carrot juice, you must be wondering that how can carrots helps us to get rid of the common cold and cough, am I right? But do you know, carrots are a great source of vitamin C, and for the human body, vitamin C acts as a stimulator for strengthening our immune system. You must've heard that eating raw carrots keeps our blood sugar level to normal, it also has calcium and vitamin K that's good for our bone health and many more. But carrots are an excellent nutrient to uplift immunity because they have a high source of beta-carotene present in them. Since Beta-carotene is an antioxidant therefore due to its presence, the carrots also contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Carrot juice restores the white blood cells in our body, which helps in strengthening our immune system and we are better able to invade against extrinsic viruses.

Therefore, "next time if you're attacked with common cold and flu, don't forget to drink a glass of carrot juice".