How Can Cycling Be A Panacea To Emerging Global Lifestyle Threats?

The international World Bicycle Day, celebrated on June 3 every year since 2018 beacons us towards finding a sustainable, efficient, and effective solution for a healthy lifestyle and harmonious world. Let's take this opportunity to explore Bicycling and its benefits.

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How Can Cycling Be A Panacea To Emerging Global Lifestyle Threats?

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As the world grapples with the raging pandemic, here comes the need to have a bigger picture of our deeds towards ourselves and the environment.

 The pandemic has exposed the faultlines in our lifestyle and compels us to rethink and reform the way we have treated ourselves. Compromised immunity has led the virus to defeat us even more easily. Very young people have succumbed to cardiac arrest, diabetes, multiple organ failure, etc. Our excessive reliance on steroids is paving way for new diseases like mucormycosis to emerge. As the consumption of steroids has increased many folds in fear of avoiding catching the infection, the likeliness of immuno-resistant diseases is high.

Our mindset of managing such havoc through chemical means  will never be a complete  solution, as a not only  pandemic, the world is heading towards witnessing even the darker and deadlier threats like Global warming, climate change, extreme climatic conditions, etc

Let's wait and look towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Bicycling is the first response popping up in my mind..let's explore..

Active transportation (walking, running, jogging, cycling, biking, skiing, skateboarding) can be an efficient move towards a healthy lifestyle and sustainable environment. It has multiple benefits ranging from health, environment, society, to the economy, etc.

Bicycling improves our balance, lowers blood pressure and stress level, increases alertness, flexibility, muscle strength.  Bicycling is the symbol of human progress and advancement. It promotes peace, harmony, tolerance, social inclusion and conveys a positive message of sustainable consumption and production.

It cuts down on greenhouse emissions and global climate change, reduces air pollution, noise pollution traffic congestion, and ecological footprint.

Let us understand the beacon of the pandemic and move towards course correction, let us include bicycling in our lifestyle and of course, it is going to be great fun to adventure on the two wheels on plains, hills, and tough terrains.  On this International global cycle day, let's try to peddle ourselves towards a sustainable, secure, and safe lifestyle.