Netizens go furious on Dabur's same sex marriage advertisement on karwachaut

Seems like the negative critics on social media is reaching new heights. Netizens are growing unacceptable about ideas that seem to break norms and societal stereotypes about restricted wedding ideas.

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Netizens go furious on Dabur's same sex marriage advertisement on karwachaut

Here's a latest advertisement by dabur fem a beauty brand that was boradcasted on the auspicious occasion of karwachauth, this unapologetically bold advertisement tends to change the stereotype about weddings and confined couple goals bricked up by the people on the people. 

Karwachauth is a widely celebrated festival in India. On this day female partners are expected to fast for the sake of their male partner's good health and long life. In short  karwachauth is a festival that has been celebrated by husband and wife duo since ages but this extremely outspoken advertisement of Fem dabur features a wife and wife duo, a lesbian couple celebrating karwachauth and fasting for eachother's good health and long life.

Well the advertisement has made a bold statement breaking restricted set of rules about how an ideal couple should look like. More than a certain portion of internet has been appreciating this initiative of breaking societal norms of "ideal couple".

But a lot of people on social media are going furious about the idea of celebrating same sex wedding and advertisements promoting LGBTQ couple goals.

On social media Netizens are free to share their views and opinions but over a certain period of time the internet doesn't seem to be impressed with the content that tends to speak about LGBTQ in contrast with religion and sacred belief, though a certain portion of social media is trying to make space for new ideas and is ready to unlearn toxic and overrated idea that has been practiced since ages. 








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