Recruitment- Let's Understand It Well.

Recruitment- Let's Understand It Well.


What is Recruitment?
In layman's language recruitment is adding manpower but technically in HRM, it is a process of
identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and onboarding employees. So all these
technical and simple meanings can be found in the books. Let us understand the basic concept
and the idea behind the word Recruitment. Hiring is not tiring, it is basically an ongoing
procedure. Which starts with hiring and gets on with until you retire.
As it is important to choose the career wisely, it is more important to select the correct profile.
And here comes the role of HR in our professional life. They act as a bridge between the
company and the right candidate for a particular position. Every job profile needs some sort of
qualifications and experiences and various other things, HR studies the technical aspects of the
profile and then they shortlist the candidates and selects the best among them for the specific
job profile. It also includes training candidates before the screening and also after selection.

Types of Recruitment
It can be internal or external. Internal recruitment includes promotions, transfers, and allowing
employees to switch between different departments. External recruitment includes hiring
manpower from outside the organisation.
Mode/Ways of Recruitment
Nowadays in this COVID situation moreover recruitments are done online rather offline. Before
this pandemic recruitment was preferred to be done through offline mode, by screening
candidates face to face and providing them training personally for the upcoming challenges. But
yes both the ways were practised simultaneously. And now online is the safest way till the
corona prevails.

Components of Recruitment
1) Analysing
2) Training
3) Shortlisting
4) Selecting
5) Training
6) Managing pay
7) Hike/ Promotion
8) Bonus management
9) Retirement process.

According to my understanding, the Recruitment department or HR is the backbone of the
industry. Without the perfect manpower, you can't achieve heights. HR can be considered as
the manpower machine. Recruitment is a never-ending process, it starts from selecting the
candidates and ends while retirement.
Perfect Slogan for the recruitment team should be - "We hire till you Retire"

Author- Ayushi Singh