'Sex Education' in Real and Reel Life

Sex Education season 3 is out now with more exciting plot and most importantly it brings in queries revolving around sexual intimacy at an early age and highlights the fact how schools have kept students deprived of 'sex education' in real life with a reel life contrast. And as always this show has been greatly promoting rights for LGBTQ community in all the possible ways.

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'Sex Education' in Real and Reel Life

The long wait is finally over now, Sex education season 3 is out now streaming on Netflix with sum total of 8 episodes. It deals with intimacy issues of teenagers and also potentially highlights the fact how schools have kept students deprived of 'Sex education' in real life. The show's plot greatly promotes rights of LGBTQ community and speaks for individual sexual preferences. 

The plot of this show revolves around a bunch of teenagers dealing with gender identification and sexual issues with the help of Otis Milburn, the male protagonist of the show played by Asa Butterfield dealing with being a young adult and his own dating life complicacies in the show.

The storyline is extended till the very core of problem faced by people in around, specifically teenagers while confronting their gender identity. The fear of being ashamed and outcasted on belonging to LGBTQ community is very evident. Society tends to make someone belonging to LGBTQ community feel embrrassed about their identity and therefore they find it quite hard to confront their sexual preferences to the world out their. Hence, this show brings in a sense of comfort for LGBTQ and normalises one with unique sexual preference and promotes their right. 


Speaking of sex education in schools which is, truth to be told not in a good state. Students are deprived of any knowledge about sex and intimacy. The word 'SEX' is unofficially banned inside the school campus itself. Teenage is the high time in life when we come across sexual attraction which eventually leads to physical intimacy. During this phase of life we come across a lot of new experiences that includes being sexually active with our partner. And we go through all of these changes and new experiences without any guidance and knowledge about safe sex and the matter of consent. This is because the adults in schools and home are too conservative to discuss 'SEX' with the young adults.

The lack of discussion usually leads to sexual assault and rape ( because there's no such chapter called 'consent comes first' ) , unwanted pregnancy at an early age and transmission of diseases through sex ( because safe sex is never discussed). And above everything people who come forward to discuss sex and make us positively aware about the same are considered as 'blatant' and 'audacious'. Well, all of these needs to be changed. Schools are suppose to teach and discuss sex vocally and adults shouldn't be considering sex as a taboo. The series Sex education season 3 revolves around the very same storyline, one that we can relate to and learn from. Its a must watch for people of every age and community in around the world. 








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