What A Shame: When the Govt. Fails to Provide Data On Migrant Deaths, Students Suicide, And 8 Major Issues

Amid the COVID crisis a lot more is happening which is going unnoticed by the people and the government. Let’s now focus the attention towards the mankind crisis that needs attention and should be stopped from reoccurring. Now during the parliamentary Monsoon Session when opposition raised their questions over various matters the BJP-led government has no other response than saying “We have no Data”.

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What A Shame: When the Govt. Fails to Provide Data On Migrant Deaths, Students Suicide, And 8 Major Issues
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To fight off any issue it’s very important that there is enough data over the issues. The government of India’s failure to provide any data over the matters is causing a fierce reaction and criticism not only in the parliament but also those who are vigilant.

While data and records are the most essential to lay a future course of action, but the governments incapability to provide data for these 8 issues make it so much more difficult.

1. No Records or Data on Students Suicide

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DMK MP Kanimozhi questioned to provide on students’ details of suicides during the COVID lockdown, the Ministry of Education denied having any data on the matter.

2. No Records or Data on Migrants death

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We all know about the dreadful plight of workers during the COVID, who were forced to leave their place for survival without any support from the government and supply. When the Union Labour Ministry was asked if the government will provide the compensation to the migrant workers, those who lost their families lives, The associated minister responded by saying there is no data on migrants so the question of compensation does not arise.

3. No Records or Data of MSMEs that shut down during lockdown

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During the national lockdown most of the businesses got disrupted and fell apart including MSMEs (MSME - Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), the government doesn’t have any data in that matter too. The utmost and important concern of our PM Modi is to make India Aatm Nirbhar , but on the other side the small and medium businesses are getting destroyed right in front of us, which should have been the foundation of Aatm Nirbhar notion.

4. No Records or Data on doctors who lost their lives

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If you follow the news, the govt., has said that it will provide “Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package Insurance Scheme for Health Workers Fighting Covid-19 and lend compensation to doctors if they lose their life due to COVID-19. But after creating such promises, we believe there must be a track of doctors who didn’t survive during this crisis.

 But when enquired fromthe Minister of State for Health- Mr. Ashwini Choubey informed Rajya Sabha that health is a state subject and suck data is not maintained at the central levels.

5. No Records or Data on the No. of plasma banks in the country

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When enquired about the same issue, the govt. said that the Ministry of Health has not recommended the “convalescent plasma therapy” for the treatment of COVI-19.Thus, they have no information about the plasma banks details.

6. No Records or Data on police personnel who died of COVID-19

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Later during the same event- Samajwadi Party leader raised the question enquiring data on policemen who lost their lives due to COVID. But no, the govt. denies of any data for it.

7. No Records or Data on migrants who returned home during lockdown.


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8. No Records or Data on Safai Karamcharis’ deaths during

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The citizen of our country look up to the government for their needs and support during the pandemic crisis but it’s really disheartening when we get to know there’s no record or value for the loss of lives during the crisis.

 There is no data on Safai KarmCharis who lost their life due to health and safety hazards during the COVID.









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