What Is Signal? The Best and Most Secure Messaging App.

Signal is the gold standard of Privacy.

What Is Signal? The Best and Most Secure Messaging App.

It is a free app for messaging, voice talk app supports video calling and audio calling available for Apple and Android Smartphones and desktops. It is like any other messaging app but it's 'private'.

After Elon Musk tweet, " Use Signal " on January 7, 2021, the app is going mainstream. 

Is It Really Private?

That privacy of Signal goes beyond the contents of your messages being encrypted, you could actually set time frames for messages to disappear, and also it collects no virtual data on users. The company is working on ways to make encrypted contact servers, which means the company will not even have our phone numbers. So, even if the law enforcement shows up to Signal for data on users, the company simply won't be able to so because they will have no data to hand over.

The reason why Signal doesn't collect data is that they are a non-profit organization, they take no incentives to track users. The organization has its funds funded by private investors. Signal was first launched in 2013 by a small group of privacy activists. Brian Acton, WhatsApp founder donated $50 million and got on board to make a private messaging service after Facebook acquired Whatsapp and Brian left in between clashes with Facebook for eroding WhatsApp's privacy. 

Signal Vs WhatsApp

Signal uses end-to-end encrypted technology same as that of WhatsApp, which means only the people having the conversation can see the content of those messages, not even the company itself can see the content. However, it is said that Facebook collects a lot of information through WhatsApp in the form of usage statistics, metadata, etc. 

Signal, though does not have as many features, as WhatsApps, but there is no comparison when it comes to true privacy. The signal is a secure messaging app and if you are thinking to switch to Signal because you care about your privacy, it is definitely a very good idea and it is totally worth it.

How to Download Signal?

You can find the application in Google's Play Store for Android users and Apple's App Store for iOS users.