Mysterious Monoliths of 2020-2021, Claims and Theories Revolving It.

Mysterious monoliths have been appearing and disappearing in different parts of the world and we have all come across memes about it. It has peaked interest of many, in fact it is quite interesting. Many have come up to claim the installation of the structure while some are still a mystery. Many speculations are made involving Aliens and so on but are monoliths taking over?

Utah, US
Credit: PetaPixel
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1. Utah, US

The first sighting of 11 feet tall shiny monolith which seemed to be made of stainless steel was on 18th November by a group of biologist. The biologist were taking rounds to count the number of big horn sheep while they spotted the structure in the Red Rock County desert. The location was not revealed at first to avoid people coming to see the monolith, but, anyhow few visitors managed to get there. However on 28th November the monolith disappeared mysterious as it had appeared. And in a statement issued by the Bureau of Land Management, Utah (BLM) on 30thNovemberconfirmed that they didn’t remove it but had been removed by an “unknown party”

Initially no one came front to take the responsibility of the mysterious structure but on 30th November a group of people witnessed the takedown of the monolith while they were taking photos and documented it on the instagram and eventually a YouTuber MrSlackline aka Andy Lewis claimed the responsibility ofremoving the monolith. He shared 23 seconds video of the same on 1st December.