10 Incredible Natural Wonders in India||New Twist To Add in Traveler’s Bucket List

India is ultimately blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty of which many of us are unaware. These awe-inspiring destinations prove that there is no dearth of natural wonders in the country. These places once visited will leave the traveler enchanted at these truly magnificent wonders. Let’s begin and have a look at these Incredible Natural wonders:

Wettest Place on the Planet Earth
Source: Holidify
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1. Wettest Place on the Planet Earth

If you love rain, then ‘Mawsynram’ is just the place for you. This village is in the Khasi hills, Meghalaya is the wettest place on Earth, and holds its place in Guinness Book of World Record. With the average of 11,873 millimeters of rainfall, has the highest level of precipitation in the world. The coolness of rain and wind will give the best experience for the rain lovers.