Archaeologist Unleash Live Video of Crack opening Ancient Egyptian 2,500 Year Old Mummified Coffins

Archaeologists on 3rd Oct 2020 revealed a live video of opening a mummy coffin that was sealed 2,500 years ago in Egypt. A video of the press release for the same has gone viral, in which people are seen waiting eagerly to watch what they are about to find in the sarcophagi.

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Archaeologist Unleash Live Video of Crack opening Ancient Egyptian 2,500 Year Old Mummified Coffins
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Earlier this year, Archaeologists have found 59 sealed wooden sarcophagi in the necropolis of Saqqara, south of Cairo near Memphis. Several pyramids, including the most famous Giza Pyramids is found around this region. In 1970s it also got designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the video as the coffin gets opened mummy is seen to be embellished in burial cloth, adorned with the resemblance of deceased priest’s face. The video went viral has gathered more than 11.4 million views on twitter.

Greg Lewis, who is New Zealand's ambassador to Egypt, has also shared a video of unsealing the mummy coffin on the micro-blogging platform.

A press release by the Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities concluded that initially, the 3 burial wells at different depths between 10 and 12 meters, with 13 coffins, were found in Saqqara, Memphis. Then more and more coffins were found turning the total number of Sarcophagi to be around 59.


According to Dr Khaled Al-Anani, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, explained the media that “the coffins found are in a very good state of conservation and are still maintaining their original colours, noting that their preliminary studies have shown that it dates back to the age of the family 26 and belong to a group of priests and senior men,” as per the news release said.

The Sarcophagi discovered will be transferred to the New Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza.

As the video went viral, it led to series of reactions on twitter, some are very serious and some are ironic:













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