DELHI CRIME| A Spine-Chilling Saga That Left Its Imprints Upon the Nation!

DELHI CRIME| A Spine-Chilling Saga That Left Its Imprints Upon the Nation!


“Delhi crime” directed by award-winning Indo-Canadian filmmaker Richie Mehta, is released on Netflix, starring Shefali Shah, Adil Hussain, Rasika Dugal, and Rajesh tailing,a crime series that is “worth watching” and is based on Delhi's soul-stirring "NIRBHAYA Rape Case".It has an IMDb rating of 8.5/10. The Netflix show has been applauded for its sensitive take on what is considered one of the most frightful crimes against women. The seven-episode series, Delhi crime retells us the inconceivable story, brutal gang rape of a 23-year old girl in December 2012, in the neighborhood of Munirka in South Delhi. We are far too familiar with the Nirbhaya Case, a crime that changed the nation and shook the country to its core, becoming a global story. A crime that would leave us scared and a red flag to a city like Delhi afflicted by indescribable crimes against women.

The series dissects the case of a Physiotherapy-intern who was abducted and gang-raped in a running bus on the night of 16th December 2012, before she was forsaken on a Delhi road. Her injuries were so dreadful that she died in a Singapore hospital a fortnight later. The makers claim in the opening credits that the series was inspired by ‘case files', it is clear that several fictionalized liberties have been taken, presumably to add more ‘stimulation’ to the story. The plot is immediately engaging and the acting is superb. The only people the show civilizes are the police. All other characters-protestors, families of the culprits, victims kin, media, politician, and civil society-spile synthetic dialogues that help them fit perfectly into the narrative of how the Delhi police fought a brave battle to nab the sinners and earned a very little praise for it.


The series gets so anguished to give the police a clean chit that the leading actor of the show, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi played by Shefali Shah, is shown abruptly, telling the male survivor that since a PCR van has no utility, the delay in the police spotting them and hence, getting their medical help is somewhat understandable. Delhi police are shown to be compassionate, kind, hardworking, and deeply perseverant. A constable who waive buying medicines for his ill wife until the culprits are nabbed, a woman DCP who didn’t have the time to meet her daughter in days, an SHO who scours all over Delhi with an infected foot, and an IPS trainee who shuttles between protest duty and hospital without a break.

The series also shows how the central government as being empathetic to the police and the state government continues their mission to take down Vartika and her team from further investigation. Political signaling on the back of a real incident of gang-rape and murder is yet another factor that pulls this series down. All the characteristics in the show are neatly assembled as adversaries for the police, who are shown dealing with them with nobility and minimal fuss while investigating the crime. The show ends up minimizing the massive protests that broke out in Delhi as a hurdle in the way of the investigation. In short, the ‘recreations' of real-life incidents of sexual violence usually begins as an uncomfortable ball of anxiety in the mind of the audience and quickly streams into anger and fear. But “Delhi crime" is one of those things you will forever wish you could unsee.