Ignorant Journalism |"Yellow Journalism" Rules Over The Media, Minding It’s Own Unworthy Business!

Ignorant Journalism |"Yellow Journalism" Rules Over The Media, Minding It’s Own Unworthy Business!

At this date, We have been made aware to current happenings around us through various platform i.e. print media, OOH (Outdoor or Out of Home) Media , internet and broadcast media.

Broadcast media is one of the most viewed and followed source of media by the people of almost every age group and all the classes of society to keep themselves updated with daily happenings.

Media has always being considered as the fourth pillar of democracy. It is responsible for keeping citizens updated with current affairs and transporting news to the citizens without altering the facts in the process of transportation. Media is considered eligible to mold people's opinion and shape it in their accordance. And it's "Us", the people who have handed over this power to Media and have allowed them to take control over our opinions and views on particular topics. 

                    source- one India

Here, we generally do not focus on the fact that apart from all these eligibility, we have provided an y7 extremely influencing yet invisible strength to broadcast Media specifically, by highly relying on them, it can be phrased as " They choose what we are to be made aware of and what not." We people tend to focus on what's being showcased by broadcast media, even if it doesn't worth to be focused on. And we usually neglect or consider those information and news of less importance, which are not highlighted by broadcast Media.

Current scenario of broadcast media has climbed down to the stage of providing gossip instead of valid news and information of importance. In short, since the day we have been made aware to the ungraceful dismissal of Lt SSR, we have come across few cases which evidently unmasks the real and ugly faces of "TRP Hunters" hiding themselves behind the veil of "Neat news delivery persons". This sketch released by "One India" clearly replicates the current scenario of broadcast Media.

The fact that broadcast Media is using SSR's case as an Asset to increase their trp, and we people are pushing their perspective up high by viewing their gossip named "news", is an insult to the death of the actor! In this whole hectic trp game of broadcast Media, we the people are being kept unaware to some important information and facts, i.e.

• Horribly dropping rates of Indian gdp by 23.9%.

• The hush going around due to NEET and consequences faced by the students.

• Banning of Pubg and it's affects.

• Rapid increase in the number Of COVID-19 victims, India gaining first position in highest count of deaths due to covid (source: the quint).

• Reliance industries offering 40% of it's retail to Amazon for $20 billion (source: Faye D'Souza Instagram news page).

• A female COVID patient was raped by an ambulance driver on her way to the hospital. And many more news, facts and information which are not chosen my broadcast Media to be telecasted or In other words these are the facts chosen by broadcast Media to "not telecast" and keep them pressed under this "trp trap".

Now as we are more advanced and own Access to other platforms of news and information, we should be smart enough to judge and examine the facts and information we are being made aware with. And mold our opinions based of reality and facts instead of unecessary gossip.